10 Qualities of a Reliable IT Service Provider Must Have

Nowadays, most online businesses need a good service provider to manage all the important processes and increase a profit and quality. Of course, it’s very important to select an experienced and reliable IT service provider like infopulse.com to make sure everything will go smoothly and effectively.

But is it easy to find a trustworthy company to fit your expectations and needs? Read our article to know ten important qualities that will help you to choose the right provider for your organization.


Feel free to use this checklist when choosing a reliable and trustworthy provider to cooperate with:


  • Track record. Check out if the provider has enough experience in multiple stages of e-discovery as well as skilled specialists like project managers who work with your organization to plan the main strategies and goals.


  • Great flexibility. The most effective providers have an individual approach to every customer depending on their expectations and needs. Select a company that can customize services to meet your main goals and requirements. Check out if the provider offers flexible technology options (installed, accessed from cloud storage or both).



  • Predictability of your budget. When it’s going about money, it’s important to count all the costs correctly. When you’re looking for a reliable provider, check out if they have any hidden costs that can make some unpredictable expenses from your side. Search for companies that offer some additional services without extra pay. Make sure the provider doesn’t charge all the services separately.


  • Options for staff members. This is an important thing you should consider. Flexibility in staffing allows providers to fill gaps on-site or remotely. Needless to say, it helps to increase the effectiveness of costs and resources.


  • Newest technologies. Make sure the chosen company offers the latest technologies in e-discovery. Pay attention to the TAR (technology-assisted review) and advanced analytics. This helps to decrease the cost of review and time. Try to find a provider who had their e-discovery review platform developed by their specialists. In this case, the effectiveness and responsibility of the company may be higher.


  • Security certification. Usually, a good provider has many layers of security. Please check out if the company has an ISO 27001 certificate as well as offers the planning of your business and recovery services for the possible disaster situation.


  • Confidential work. In the world of modern technologies, confidentiality is a very important issue that should be covered fully. When you’re selecting a provider, check out if they have enough experience with proprietary and confidential data. A reliable company has all the needed tools and software to protect the most important information.

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  • Well-structured and clear methodology. Make sure the selected company has all the needed methods developed for every phase of e-discovery. There also must be reliable, documented and well-proven chain-of-custody protocols.


  • Good scalability. If the company can host, process, handle and store huge amounts of data, this is the right provider to sign a contract with. Here you should consider that you understand any capacity limitations and constraints of the data center.


  • Well-known all over the world. We suggest choosing a provider who has the option to support your business projects internationally. No matter where the company is situated but a reliable IT provider can support your projects with data centers.


  • Technical experience. In fact, no matter how the provider is responsible or cheap if they don’t have all the needed skills to do their job well. Search for a company that will understand the main needs of your business.



  • 24/7 Online support. When you want to find a reliable provider, check out if they have a support team available non-stop. You never know when and where the problem may occur, but you definitely want a team of great experts to solve it fast.


  • Adaptation to your project. An experienced company can adapt their services to fit your special needs and requirements. Check out if the company can customize its services to provide all the needs support services just as you expect it.


  • Obligations. A good provider is obliged to deliver a high level of services. This is not that sort of commitment from the SLA but it’s a deep understanding of customers’ needs, assigning resources to work as a part of your own team, and regular meetings with a client to analyze if the service meets all the requirements and if it needs some changes and improvements.


  • An irreproachable reputation. Search for the service that has developed a trustworthy and good reputation. Feel free to speak with real clients and check references to understand the level of services. Find information on how it’s easy for clients to work with a certain provider and if the contractual obligations were met fully.

We hope these useful tips will help you to select a reliable and effective IT provider for your project!


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