3 Types of Video Content That Can Be Created Easily

Are you looking for types of video content that are easy to create? As you’re probably aware that recording videos using a camera can be difficult, and the logistics and skills required make it tough to pull off.

On the bright side there are lots of other ways to create videos, and here and now you can find out about 3 types of video content can be created much more easily:


  • Slideshow videos

Essentially these are videos that consist of a series of images compiled into a slideshow, and saved in a video format. Normally, they include additional audiovisual elements, such as background music, a voiceover, text elements, and various visual effects.



All that you need to create a slideshow video are the images you want to use, along with any other media you’re going to add to it. After that it is just a question of using the right software to compile it, and for example you could use Movavi Slideshow Maker with the instructions.

Make no mistake you can create slideshow videos about a wide range of topics, ranging from how-to guides to explainer videos, travel videos, and more.


  • Expert interviews via video calls

Conventional expert interviews are challenging to set up and record, but over video calls it is a different matter entirely. By recording a screencast you can capture the video call itself, and generally that is a lot easier to set up and get underway.

At times you may even find that experts are more willing to be interviewed when it will be held via video call, as it makes it more convenient for them as well.

The only tricky part when creating expert interviews however conducting the interview itself and asking good questions. If you can do that however, you should end up with a great piece of video content.


  • ‘Talking-head’ video blogs

The easiest type of video that you can record using a video camera is undoubtedly a ‘talking head’ video blog. All that you need to do is set up your camera (preferably on a stable stand), sit in front of it, and start talking about the topic.

Overall this type of video will sink or swim on the strength of your personality, so it is important that you inject some enthusiasm into it. Sometimes it can help to have props around as well – or add in visual effects during the post-production to mix things up a little and avoid the video being visually monotonous.

On the whole the types of video content listed above can help you to create a diverse range of videos, and should be suitable for most niches. All you need to do is pick one, and start planning your video so you get a better idea of what’s involved.

While you’re still bound to face some challenges, it should be much easier to create any of the videos listed above – and in many cases you won’t need as large a budget either.

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