4 Reasons to Use Soda PDF For eBook Reading

We’re moving to a digital world where everything’s done on the computer, including reading books. You can download all types of eBooks, from your course books to your favorite novel, so why waste time, money, and space by buying hard copies?

eBooks are convenient and accessible. You only need a high-quality PDF reader in order to enjoy your experience. While there are many options out there, including the default Adobe Acrobat, nothing stands as tall as SodaPDF, which is one of the most popular PDF readers today.Soda PDF is a reliable and intuitive software that lets you open, view, create, convert, edit, and secure a PDF file wherever you go. It takes ebook reading to a new level.

Let’s understand why you need a PDF reader when you can open PDF files without needing one. Latest computers and mobile devices allow you to view PDF files. However, they don’t typically offer other features, which is why there’s a need to turn to a software specifically designed to open PDF files.You can find both paid and free apps out there. Today, we’re going to talk about SodaPDF, the basic version of which is available for free but you may opt for a premium version, which costs just a little but offers several benefits.

Let’s now have a look at 4 reasons why Soda PDF is a great option for eBook reading:



  1. It’s like a real book – just better!

SodaPDF offers a unique page-flipping feature that gives you the feel of a real book.It also has the option to create surveys, invoices, forms, and various other documents for legal and official use. While this may not be linked to your eBook reading experience, it does show how powerful this tool is.


  1. Sticky Notes

You can make notes as you go, as you would with a paperback, using the sticky notes feature.It lets you highlight your favorite passages and quotes, and leave comments along the way. It also gives you the option of choosing different colors, making the experience more enjoyable.You can also bookmark a certain page or section, and jump forward or backward to different parts of the book by entering the page number in the search bar.


  1. Zoom and Rotation

Sometimes the text and images are tiny and cannot be read. The software lets you zoom into the page, magnifying it to suit your needs, without ruining the quality of the book.You can also change the orientation of the book for clearance.


  1. Read-out-loud

The software has a feature that narrates the PDF to you, something that doesn’t widely exist in many PDF readers. This makes it easier to know how certain words are pronounced, and you can also multitask while the software reads out the text.

It basically turns the eBook into an audiobook.

SodaPDF is very user-friendly and caters to both, professional and personal use. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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