5 Essential Online Portals Security Tips

Technology has advanced so much that we can operate all our bills and accounts online. That is why each one of us should learn more about safe online browsing. Online platforms work with personal data, and handle the account where users log in every day to check private information or pay bills. Therefore, even if online browsing does the work for us and saves a lot of car drives, it may also impose some risks.

Irrespective of the fact that you log into your mobile or computer, you have to make sure to do it in a safe way. Numerous unions periodically upgrade their security systems to prevent cybercrime. The eTenet portal system is one of them. As it provides users with access to the medical care they need, the patform constantly improves its security features. Patients and doctors who are part of this healthcare industry use the eTenet portal system for different purposes – to obtain job information, industry news, and investor information. Things considered, users have to make sure they safely log into this portal as it is working with sensitive information.


1.    Set a Two-Factor Authentication

When you log into a platform, you have to enter your username and password. This is also known as one-factor authentication. If you choose for a two-factor authentication, you will have to enter the answer to a security question or a temporary code. In this case, the platform will text you or email you the code as you try to log in. This is a popular online security tip that can help you protect your data.

2.    No Public Wi-Fi

Your internet connection is also extremely important when it comes to your online account. Therefore, you have to make sure to avoid using a public wi-fi connection. You do not know who can see your data when it is being sent over public wi-fi. Public wi-fi connections refer to internet connections offered in hotel lobbies and coffee shops. To avoid endangering your account, you should consider logging in using a safe internet connection. In case you travel and you need mobile browsing through the platform, you should better use your mobile provider’s data plan to access your account. Then, when you log into your account, check whether the page is secure before submitting any personal information.

3.    Change password

Another useful tip consists in periodically changing your password. You should set reminders to do it from time to time. Make sure that every time you change it, you create a strong password. Try to include letters, numbers, and symbols. Every few months you should change your password so that it won’t become guessable. Furthermore, you should avoid having the same password to log in for all your online accounts.

4.    Email from the Platform

When you receive official notices and emails from the platform, make sure you carefully read the message without clicking any link. Furthermore, you should not open the website that is included in the mail because it may be a scam. It is better if you search for their official webpage in your browser and log in from there. Even if the mail has the logo of the platform, it may trick you into giving them your username and password. If you think the email you have received it’s suspicious, you should immediately contact the platform at a number you trust to verify if the email is really from them.

5.    Use a Dedicated Chanel to Access the Platform

A very popular form of malware consists in Online Trojans. This can be unintentionally downloaded into your computer or smartphone. Once hackers gain access to your computer via this Trojan, they can easily steal your information. Therefore, they can ruin your account. In order to protect yourself from malware, you could use an old computer on which you can install a new version of Windows.

Online browsing brings a lot of advantages for people all around the world. By using their username and password, they can log into their personal account, make transactions and review different types of information. However, to prevent unpleasant events from happening, it is best if they use a secure internet connection. As an online user, you should pay attention to the internet connection you use when logging in on your account. Consider changing your password from time to time to keep hackers away.

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