5 Ways to Use Online Learning in the Classroom

We all agree that technology has consistently been changing the way we do our daily tasks. Even the teachers will tell you that technology has created an impact on how the students learn. However, the result of the developments affect the methods the teachers interact with the students and the information delivery. Technology does not change the curriculum.

In the education sector, the innovation of online learning has come handy to empower the tutors and learners collaborate with a minimal effect of external barriers. There are other ways you can employ online learning in the classroom for an efficient learning process. In this article, we will look at the top 5 ways you can use online learning in your class.



Methods of Online Learning Application in a Classroom:

The various online learning methods you use with your class come with their benefits. Your choice depends on what you want to achieve in a particular lesson. Online classes should, therefore, not be considered something that is only applicable remotely. You can use the online and traditional classes together to achieve a certain objective in class.


Here are 5 different ways in which you can use online learning in the classroom:


1. Split Grouping the Class:

Instead of having to give instructions to the whole class, you can divide the learners into groups. Let one group be learning from an interactive online lesson you already created earlier while you take another group through instructions. The groups can interchange later on during the class session.

Split grouping your students helps them to concentrate as you manage a literally smaller number at a go. Likewise, your class can complete group tasks by following the online instructions you provide them with.

Another advantage of splitting your class for an online study is that you will be able to give attention to different groups of students as per their level of learning and understanding. It is like having an assistant in class who works and looks like you. You can let those students who are fast learners take the online classes while you have one-on-one interaction with the rest of the group.


2. Homework and Assignments:

Having implemented the online teaching for your class, you can have your students take their homework online as well. Instead of providing physical worksheets, your students can go through online instructions and questions as they answer them and submit online.

An online assignment is more interactive as compared to the traditional assignment they take in classrooms. Students will have an easier time to understand the concept and questions than reading them on paperwork. Also, depending on the student needs, you can provide them with the instructions based on their particular needs.


3. Use Online Learning for Self-Paced Learning:

When you have a class of students with different learning abilities, you can serve them better by allowing them to take the initiative to take the lessons as per their capabilities. Just provide them with links to the already published content that you prepared earlier on.

In so doing, each student will be able to read the materials at their own speeds to understand. Alternatively, I need plagiarism free research papers for sale as I focus on gaining more knowledge online. This method is also ideal when you are preparing the students for exams. They can go through the materials to recap what they have already learned in the coursework.


4. Provide Advanced Learning to Students:

We already know that some students learn faster in classroom work. When they are through, they may need to advance their knowledge with tougher challenges to sharpen their capabilities. The online study will help you serve the students without having to distort the program for the rest of the learners.

What you need to do in this scenario is to provide the advanced students with links to materials meant for self-driven learners to read. You will have helped them to meet their needs while you focus on the other part of the class.


5. Online Learning to Make Up for Unattended Classes:

What do you do if for some reason one or a few students miss your class? If you have implemented the online study for your class, then they can as well go through the lessons wherever they are. Provide them with the links to the materials you are covering so they can catch up with the rest of the students.

If for some reason, as a tutor, you happen to be forced not to attend classes, you can assign another teacher to oversee the class as you take them through the day’s instructions online. In this way, students will catch up with the syllabus even in your absence.

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