7 Reasons VPS Hosting is a must for growing Websites

The websites have been growing in number and with an increase in the number of people who have access to the internet, the number is growing. Once the website is set up and famous you feel the need to expand your website. It may be because you want to add new features or start a new marketing campaign. Any such changes can increase the traffic on your website. Most website owners do not take into account the need to provide more bandwidth to the website to accommodate all the changes. If your website is already popular and gets a lot of traffic, any positive changes can add to it and can cause malfunction of the website. To overcome this you will have to upgrade your website.

advantages of using a VPN console


Till a few years back the solution for this would have been to have a dedicated server allocated to your website. The overall cost of the whole thing is too high and its lot more space and speed than you need. With the recent development, we have the option of VPS or Virtual Private Server. Many people will think why not own a server itself. There are many reasons not to, but before we reach there, let us talk about VPS or Virtual Private Server. A VPS is created on a single physical server and is part of many other such servers. It kind of buying or renting the space you need instead of buying the whole server. Although the cost is low, space and computing speed is better than shared hosting. Also, VPS is not related or dependant on other accounts which are set up on the same server. The servers have their own OS and you can run any compatible application on the server. The performance is not affected by the OS. The Windows VPS has the features you need that are available in Linux based VPS machine. The whole idea of the VPS works as a mini dedicated server. Let us look at some of the reasons why VPS is important to any growing website.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

For any business, cost-effectiveness is a very important factor. You need to make sure that the IT bills are not very high. With VPS you get both capacity and less cost.


  1. Application Installation

With VPS you get the flexibility to install and run any type of app. It is completely different from the host server. All you need to make sure that the application is compatible to run. It can be Linux or Windows. The server can also be configured to suit the needs of the website without being restricted by the web host. With the shared hosting, you can have your own configuration.


  1. High Availablity

The VPS or Virtual Private Server is hosted on a physical server. The VPS itself is virtual which means that there is no physical component. Even if the physical server goes down it can be rebooted on a different machine cutting down the downtime for your website. This is important for any and all business especially if you need to be available 24/7.


  1. Better Security

The whole setup is more secured. Mainly due to the concept of shared hosting. This prevents any chances of hacking or malicious attacks. The VPS works as a single entity and everything stored are separate for every user. Even if a user gets hacked or gets infected, there is no way it can spread to others. The host will provide various ways to prevent any malicious attacks. You will get regular OS updates and patching, remote backups, firewalls and intrusion monitoring.


  1. Hosting upgrades are easier

This is the best feature of VPS. It allows you to upgrade to a bigger and better package as the business grows. You can always choose as per your requirement and needs. It also goes the other way. If you need to downsize the package, you can even do that and save money. This makes this concept way more scalable than any other option.


  1. Using multiple VPS

The VPS gives you the option to grow business by using multiple VPS and to run different applications. If you want to run a separate server, you can use two VPS  with different configurations for different applications. You can run the website from one and your apps from another. Using dedicated servers would be more expensive.


  1. Performance issues

With shared hosting, the performance of a website can be affected if any of the websites have a heavy performance. The website can use a major part of the resources and this leaves other websites with slower speed and longer time to load.


Shared hosting is not the best option for any growing website and business. The VPS gives you the option and computing power of a dedicated server at a much lesser cost. It is secure, easier to use and manageable. You can look through various options before you buy the required services.

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