5 Best Gaming Essentials For 2019

Today, in the world of technology, PC gaming is one of the most loved hobbies. The gaming industry is now growing, and the essentials needed by gamers evolve yearly. PC gamers need more than just a desktop to play their favorite game. Here are some of the gaming essentials for players this 2019 to make their gaming experience even better:

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A gaming mouse is not like your ordinary desktop mouse that is used for clicking and scrolling down through pages. A PC gaming mouse has additional buttons and functionalities that can handle extreme programming and gaming. A good mouse doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth the investment.

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For you to find the best gaming mouse, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure that it has a comfortable and good grip.
  • Know if it uses a laser or optical sensor. Anything with laser is always the better option.
  • Check its DPI (dots per inch), which refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. A gaming mouse with a higher DPI is needed for a better gaming experience.


  1. Mouse Pad

What is a fantastic gaming mouse without an excellent mouse pad? Your mouse won’t be able to work through your gaming desk surface without a pad. Look for a gaming mouse pad that is big enough to have enough surface to play on.

Here are some factors you need to consider in choosing the best mouse pad:

  • A wrist pillow found on a mouse is great for wrist support.
  • A mousepad with slip support is essential to prevent your mouse from going the other way.
  • Texture must also be considered. Make sure that your gaming mouse glides smoothly on the pad surface.
  1. Keyboard

 An advanced keyboard system is indeed a gamer’s essential because it has additional buttons that are being used to control the game. These extra toggles help do several actions better and quicker, such as recording the screen and switching profiles.


Benefits of Mechanical Keyboards Explained


Consider these key components to ensure you’re purchasing the right keyboard:

  • The size of the keyboard depends on the game you always play. The bigger the keyboard, the better the comfort you’ll get.
  • Choose among the types of gaming keyboards:
    • Membrane – This keyboard has a rubberized membrane located underneath each button that makes each tab closer in contact with the typing plate.
    • Mechanical – This is the most attractive among the three because it has a reliable mechanism. A mechanical keyboard is recommended for extreme gamers.
    • Scissors – This technology is mainly used for laptops and offers enough comfort for players even in long gaming hours.
  • The material used to make a gaming keyboard is essential for its comfort and longevity. Invest in a top-notch keyboard to avoid early signs of damage, such as wearing out of the characters on each tab.
  1. PC Gaming Desk

PC desks have many uses such as for administrative purposes and gaming intentions. Having a proper gaming desk is one of the essentials that you must have as a gamer because it’s where you’ll spend most of your time playing your favorite game. With the amount of time you’ll spend on your desk, you might want to look for a table that is:


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  • Large enough to hold a huge monitor
  • Wide enough to place your full-sized mechanical keyboard
  • Versatile enough that it has a height adjustment feature, allowing you to sit and stand for a more comfortable gaming session
  1. Gaming Chair

  PC gamers tend to spend most of their time in front of the computer. It’s essential to have an ergonomic chair that will keep you comfortable as you play. An excellent gaming chair & gear for streaming will support your spine and provide comfort even when you’re sitting for hours.


Android vr games with controller support


Here are some factors to consider in choosing the best gaming chair:

  • Material – If you want your gaming chair to last longer than usual, choose a material that is sturdy and high quality. Chairs with leather materials are the best option because they last longer than others.
  • Ergonomics – Comfort is every gamer’s priority when it comes to choosing their throne. Make sure that the chair has enough back support to avoid body aches that might occur during more extended playing sessions.
  • Price – Make sure you get what you’re paying for by ensuring that all the features you want on a chair are present.

Final Thoughts

 Gaming peripherals are not just the typical computer accessories that you get to see and use every day. If you want to step up the level of your gaming, make sure you have these essentials because they will really transform your gaming setup and give you a delightful playing experience.

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