5 Apps You Should be Familiar with Before Travelling to India

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Technology has invaded almost every aspect of our lives, what with apps being available for everything, and travelling is not far behind. In fact, travelling apps are some of the most helpful apps these days. They have gained massive recognition by people who travel on their own or in groups, because once an app gives accurate information to a tourist, there is no need for going around and asking people. India has also indulged in this technology, making the most of it for tourists.

Since travelling apps are so popular now, here are some of the most useful ones you should make sure to install before your next expedition to India.


  1. Tripigator

Planning a trip is difficult, and even more difficult is keeping up with that plan, but when you’re travelling and enjoying your time, you don’t want the hassle of giving too much importance to planning. Tripigator, the app launched by the Indian government is a blessing for travellers. It is one of the best trip organizing and planning apps consisting of useful and to the point information that will make your trip a lot easier than you’d think. Simple to use and handy, Tripigator has a smart search engine where you can feed in the destination you want to travel to, your budget, and interests, and the app will prepare an itinerary for you that will match with all your requirements. This smart app will be your best friend during a trip.


  1. Couchsurfing

India’s major cities are very familiar with couchsurfing, though the same cannot be said for the smaller ones. Despite its limited exposure, Couchsurfing.com’s very own app is a helpful one when you’re on a budget and changing locations frequently. You can meet new and like-minded people, register as a host or a guest, and get notifications on whom you’ll be meeting next and where. Through this app, you can find some amazing travel companions to make your trip a lot more fun and adventurous. It is important to keep in mind some of the safety concerns with Couchsurfing, but since the app gives you an introductory kick-start, it will be much easier to get used to it.


  1. Zomato

Let’s face it, food is a top priority while travelling. Nobody wants to spend lots of time wondering where to eat when you’re busy figuring out your next destination for the trip. Zomato is a popular food app in India, and based on the kind of food you’re looking for, it will provide results from a range of restaurants and cuisines that will suit your preference. Not only is it popular among tourists to easily find a good spot to eat, but locals use it just as much to pick out their favourite restaurant. Reviews and ratings are the way to find out whether a particular eatery is apt, and they’re easily available on the app to help you decide. This will ensure that you no longer have to spend hours on a decision of where and what to eat.

  1. Triposo

Another handy app for a tourist is Triposo which creates travel guides through information obtained from websites like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMaps, WikiTravel etc. It creates a travel and navigation guide which will inform you of tourist attractions nearby and modes of travelling to a particular spot. The best part about this app is that the app works offline, which helps you save on internet charges, enabling you to not end up spending a lot on data plans every now and then. It displays the right kind of information you need based on the data that is fed into the app, and will prove to be quite helpful in navigating through a location.


  1. Audio Compass

Audio Compass is an app created in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in India, and it consists of a vast library filled with guided audio tours of the most popular tourist locations of India. With 1,000 points of interest and the fact that you won’t need a human guide, Audio Compass helps a lot when visiting historic locations that are scattered all over the country being popular tourist destinations. The guides are narrated by local experts in clearly understandable accents and pronunciations to make it a lot easier for a foreign visitor. The app is quite precise and useful and has been known to have done a lot for the tourism industry of India.

With the help of technology and these amazing apps, you can rest assured that your trip to India will be memorable and organized so you can concentrate solely on enjoying your vacation whether it is with family, friends, or on your own.

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