5 Best VPNs for PC Gaming

Best Free VPN For gaming

Online video games are one of the most entertaining ways of using the internet. However, online gaming platforms tend to put restrictions on the part of their services you can access depending on your location. Whether it is the availability of a game or a particular set of servers that would allow you to play with certain people, these restrictions can be very frustrating and can severely limit your gaming experience.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid all of these issues with one simple tool: a VPN. You may have heard about them, they take your internet traffic, encrypt it and reroute it through a series of servers located in different countries. This allows you to not only hide and protect your online activity but also to fool game servers into thinking that your connection comes from someplace else, letting you access content from stores and servers of that location.

There are numerous best free vpn for gaming  out there, and they’re fairly simple to use. Here we present you with the ones we consider to be the fittest options for online gaming.Best Free Vpn for gaming 


Best Free vpn For gaming 


This VPNs specialty is speed. They’ve focused on building a large network of servers with lightning-fast connections and no bandwidth limit. This is no easy feat, considering they have over 1500 server in more than 90 countries around the world. This speed is convenient for gaming since it means you’re unlikely to experience lag and given the size of their network you can be sure you’ll be able to bypass any region locks and play on servers from any place you’d like.

You can measure your internet speed on Speedcheck to find out if it is fast enough for your gaming experience.


They also feature very strong privacy settings that take advantage of the fastest and safest protocols and encryption algorithms, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times. Their service is somewhat expensive, but if you want to have a smooth gaming experience with a VPN, they’re surely worth it.


IPVanish is another proficient VPN provider featuring very stable connections and a very wide network of over 850 servers located in 60 different countries that ensure no geo-restriction gets in your way. They also have a partnership with the streaming service Kodi, which might be convenient if you’re also a fan of movies and TV shows in the high quality.


The team behind IPVanish has also spent a lot of effort making their network as secure as possible. Connections with their servers all feature 256-bit AES encryption and the most secure and fast communication protocols. They’re definitely one of the best VPNs for gaming out there.


PureVPN’s strong limb is the width of its network. They have servers in more than 141 different countries, which is a number unequaled by any other VPN on this list and perhaps the whole market. However, they’re also very good in terms of connection speed and definitely good enough for gaming.


The other aspect that may call your attention is that their two-year subscription plan is among the cheapest out there if you see it from a price/value relationship point of view. This, with their strong security features like 256-bit AES encryption and strong communication protocols make it a very strong choice of VPN for gaming.


Vypr is a VPN that also features incredibly fast speeds, ideal for online gaming sessions. They do not put any limitations on their user’s bandwidth limit and thanks to their unique identity protection techniques, they’re able to bypass even China’s “great firewall,” this added to the fact that they count with  more than 700 servers in 70 different locations ensures that geo-restrictions will never be an issue.

They also feature all the security aspects you’d expect from a proficient VPN service: strong encryption, fast protocols, DNS leak protection and many other little details that make it as secure as it is fast. They also feature a free trial period that lets you test their service before making any compromises so that you can be sure what it is you’re buying.


NordVPN is a provider that’s earned itself a solid spot in the VPN market thanks to how serious they take their users’ online security. Their service encrypts incoming and outgoing traffic with 256-bit AES encryption not one but two times to ensure data can’t be accessed by eavesdroppers. Such a feature would usually make connections a bit slower but thanks to their fast server speeds this is hardly noticeable.


Their network is also very wide, extending the reach of their servers over more than 60 countries. On top of this, they allow their users to have up to 6 simultaneous connections from a single subscription. All These factors will make sure that you get the best gaming experience at a very reasonable price.


Why VPNs

We strongly recommend you to consider using Best Free VPN For gaming even when you‘re not playing games. Governmental surveillance agencies are on the constant hunt for your private information. On top of this, many online gaming platforms are constantly tracking your activity to profile you and sell that information to advertising companies. According to vpnAlert, VPNs are the best way to shield your private info from falling into the wrong hands.



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