Most Useful WordPress Widgets List [??]

Best Wordpress Widgets
Best wordpress widgets – WordPress Widgets were originally designed to wordpress widget templates.  WordPress widgets plugin, Widgets require no code experience or expertise. There are lots of widgets available in WordPress. So our team create a useful widget list for WordPress novice.


Here is the most useful WordPress widget list.



1.Recent Post Widget With Thumbnails 





 WordPress Widgets List






The Recent post widget with thumbnails how to add widgets to wordpress. This is the lightweight and effective plugin. If there is neither a wordpress widget templates. You can set the width and height of the thumbnails in the list. Best wordpress widgets the thumbnails appear left-aligned to the post titles. The widget is available in english, german and persian.


  • Title of the widget
  • Number of listed posts
  • Hide current post in list
  • Keep sticky posts on top of the list
  • Hide post title
  • Show post date
  • Show post excerpt
  • Excerpt length
  • Default thumbnail URL
  • Show posts of selected categories


2. Image Widget


Image Widget is the super cool and very responsive plugin. This is the simple and easy to use, you can simply add images, link the image with specific URL, image resizing and alignment and support many different languages. WordPress widget templates.


  • MU Compatible
  • Handles image resizing and alignment
  • Link the image
  • Title and Description
  • Very versatile. All fields are optional
  • Upload, link to external image, or select an image from your media collection using the built-in thick browser
  • Supports override of template so that you can override the template for your theme
  • Responsive


3. Simple social Icons

 WordPress Widgets List


Simple Social Icons is The set of icons this widget displays is really simple in design and it got an icon on wordpress interactive widgets to display on every page of the website. Simple social icons is an easy to use, you can simply select any social platform and add URL of your profile’s page, customize the color and size of your icons.


  • simple and easy to add social icons as a widget
  • Lots of choices of social networks
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Font icons and had ability to set the desired normal and hover colors for social icons
  • This plugin has short-code enabled system


4. Authors Widget




Authors widget is best wordpress widgets 2020. Best wordpress widgets authors widget support lots of languages. You can simply Install it and then you will be allowed to show a list of authors who are actively contributing on your WordPress blog.


  • RSS feed of every particular author
  • You can simply display, name, Gravatar, article count
  • Support lots of languages and easy to use


5. Rating-Widget: Star Review System


Rating-widget: Best wordpress widgets star review system is the most useful widget for you WordPress blog. wordpress custom widget plugin to rate them. This plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. This widget plugin fully customizable and support multi languages.

You can create unlimited thumb & star ratings and collect unlimited votes. Best wordpress widgets 2019, this widget will show you the top rated posts, pages and comments.


  • Fully customizable and support in 40 different languages
  • Show top rated posts, pages and comments
  • create thumb and star ratings
  • Simply Manage Ratings on your WordPress blog

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