What To Pay Attention To When Renting A Car

What To Pay Attention To When Renting A Car

What to pay attention to when renting a car – The convenience of traveling in a personal car is undeniable: mobility, time-saving, and no overpayments to taxi drivers. If your budget does not allow you to buy a car, then renting a car without a driver or with a driver will help out. This is also a great way to travel in another city or country when you go on vacation or a business trip, for example, to the distant UAE, where there are ideal roads and a unique selection of cars for rent for a wide variety of tastes, from economy class to super expensive luxury cars.

What To Pay Attention To When Renting A Car

While there are many ways to get around Dubai, chauffeur services are the most comfortable, convenient, and luxurious way to travel for both business and leisure travelers. It can be ordered online via link https://renty.ae/chauffeur-service/dubai for instance.


Which car should I choose?

Which body type to rent a car with depends on the needs of the renter and the purpose of the trip.

If you need a car for mobile movement around the city, choose small hatchbacks with a small engine capacity. This will help save on fuel.

For a long trip with friends and family, a minibus or SUV is suitable. Don’t waste money on rent and, if possible, choose a new model: the car should be comfortable, reliable, and have the maximum equipment.

When you need a solid executive car for a wedding celebration or meeting business partners at the airport, it is better to give preference to sedans.

A cargo minibus is suitable for transporting large cargo, furniture, and luggage of all passengers. The main selection criterion is capacity.

What to look for when renting?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a rental car on https://renty.ae/city/dubai/dubai-marina or any other reputable site. Let’s delve into.

Check the condition of the car

Before you pick up your car, inspect it carefully.


  • The body should not have visible damage, scuffs, dents, or deep scratches. Make sure there are no signs of wear on the discs. This is important because, at the time of handing over the car, you sign the acceptance certificate and indicate all the shortcomings in it. If something is missed, you will be held responsible for these damages in the future.


  • Technical aspects. Oil and fuel consumption, the condition of the steering and brake systems, the engine – you need to ask the manager about this. If you rent a car long-term for a long trip, it is better to have the technical condition diagnosed at the nearest service station. During the inspection, did you notice a leak or flashing self-diagnosis indicators on the dashboard? It is better to refuse to rent such a car.


  • Condition of the rubber. The wheels of the car must be “shod” for the season and well-inflated. The degree of tread wear is less than half of its original condition. It is not recommended to rent a car with “bald” wheels: driving such a vehicle is not safe.


  • Please ensure that the seats are not seriously damaged. Check the working condition of the height adjustment, steering wheel position, and driver’s seat. When the car has passed all the above criteria, it is important to conduct a short test drive. This is the only way you can finally be sure of its serviceability.

What To Pay Attention To When Renting A Car

How do I Choose a Good Car Rental?

Explore additional features included in your rental. If you do not need air conditioning, a navigator, or other paid options, please inform the team in advance so as not to overpay.

Find out from the company what documents are needed for rent and whether a deposit is provided.

Also, read the contract carefully. They indicate rental conditions, fines in case of an accident, and other items that may impose additional financial costs.

After concluding the transaction, it is important to carefully check the availability of all necessary documents: technical passports, and vehicle registration certificates.

It is recommended to pay attention to the type of insurance and choose a car with full insurance against road accidents.

Recommendations For Choosing a Car for Rent

Before hiring a rental company, carefully read the reviews of other customers on the Internet. This will help to obtain more information both about the rental company itself and about the technical condition of its cars. Take your time and carefully study the different offers.


Read all clauses of the contract in detail. Pay special attention to the paragraph that talks about monetary compensation in the event of a car breakdown. Please check that your personal information is entered correctly.


Remember that after handing over the car, all responsibility for its safety falls on you. When operating a car, you must comply with traffic rules and not violate the rental conditions and clauses of the contract. Otherwise, there is a risk of incurring serious financial costs.


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