Common Microsoft Outlook And Word Problems: How to Troubleshoot Them

Cannot start microsoft outlook cannot open the outlook window

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular, if not the most popular word processing package available. It’s used in offices, schools, and homes everywhere. If you’re sending a file somewhere, there’s a good chance the recipient wants it to be MS Office compatible. While there certainly alternative apps that can do this, Word is the standard.

As popular as it is, Microsoft Outlook isn’t without its issues. Neither is its frequent partner, Microsoft Outlook. Here, we’ll explore some of the more common issues, and how to go about fixing them.


Microsoft Outlook Issues

Cannot start microsoft outlook cannot open the outlook window


 If Microsoft Outlook is sluggish, crashing, or not performing as it should, here are some common troubleshooting steps you can follow.

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Cannot open the outlook window


Microsoft Outlook




  • Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Not Working:

As you know, Hotmail was integrated into Outlook a few years back. The problem is that every so often, you may find that you cannot access your Hotmail emails. If this happens, the fixes are pretty standard. Clear your browser’s cache, and make sure you have the latest updates. Restart your browser, then if you still have issues contact support.

Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Not Working
Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Not Working
  • Enabling Hyperlinks in Outlook:

If an email looks suspicious for any reason, all of the links in the email will be disabled. This is to stop you from inadvertently clicking into something malicious. If you want to enable those hyperlinks, simply click enable links at the top of the email. Just know that this practice is not recommended.

Hyperlinks in Outlook:
Hyperlinks in Outlook:
  • Outlook 2010 Not Responding:

This can be caused by a few different issues. You could be behind on updates, Outlook might be locked by another process, your mailbox could be too large, your user profile might be corrupted, or another issue is happening. Here is a useful step by step guide to fixing any potential issues.


Outlook 2010 Not Responding:
Outlook 2010 Not Responding:
  1. MS Word Issues

microsoft word has stopped working windows 10
microsoft word has stopped working windows 10


Microsoft word not working


Microsoft word has stopped working windows 10



If MS Word is sluggish, crashing, or not performing as it should, here are some common troubleshooting steps you can follow.


  1. Delete the file: This is Word’s default template file that is used to create a blank word document. If Word is open, this file is in use. The problem occurs when this file becomes corrupted or is locked by some process that does not properly release its resources. The solution here is to save your documents and exit Word. After this, go into file explorer, change the settings to display hidden files, and locate Normal.Dot or Normal.Dotm and delete it. The exact location will depend on whether you are running Windows 10 or an earlier version. .. microsoft word has stopped working windows 10 ..The file will be rebuilt once you open Word again.
  2. Install the latest updates:  To Fix Word is a very commonly used program. Developers at Microsoft are constantly updating it to ensure it works efficiently. Modify your settings to automatically apply the latest updates & you can FIx microsoft word not working issues .
  3. Find and delete or ~.doc files: These are temporary files that are created when you create a document but don’t give it a name. They begin with ~. If you have too many, they can cause issues. Search your drive for ~*.dot and ~*.doc. This will locate all of them. Once you get a listing of these, simply delete them.
  4. Use safe mode to open Word: Sometimes when a document is corrupted, Word will suggest that you open it in safe mode. Select yes. In many cases, Word will then be able to successfully process the document, and fix any issues when it is saved again.
  5. Reinstall MS Office: On rare occasions you may simply need to uninstall and reinstall MS Office entirely. Close out of Word and any other MS office products. Then, go into the Add/Remove programs utility. Scroll to find Microsoft Office, and select the ‘Change’ option to reinstall.
  6. Get a Thorough Antivirus Check – Because they are so commonly passed around, Word documents are a common target for Virus and other attacks. If you have persistent issues with Word, it may be time to send your computer out for a thorough check-up. If you have writing needs in the meantime, consider a few writing services that can fill in the gaps for you. You can also use an alternative word processor in the meantime.

Final Thoughts

 If you use Outlook or MS Word, you know that these products are proven workhorses. They have great functionality, and have earned their popularity. On the other hand, because you rely on them so much, things can come to a screeching halt when they stop working correctly. Your productivity can depend on fixing issues quickly and efficiently. Use the troubleshooting tips above to help with any word processing or email issues you encounter.

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