6 Essential Apps for Expats in Milan

Whether you are planning your holiday or working for a couple of months in Milan, you will need some guidance. And what better way to get around Milan if it weren’t for the apps that are easy to download on any platform, whether if it’s Android or iOS. There are literally hundreds of apps that apply to all cities and all countries, but some of them tend to be inaccurate.

For the reason that apps tend to be inaccurate, we have gathered 6 essential apps that you can choose from and get around Milan very easily and find whatever you desire.



If you don’t speak Italian and cannot understand some sentences, Duolingo will help you in this matter. The app is free to download on iOS and Android and you can learn even on the go many languages, including Italian. The app is also easy to use and quite animated, which gives the user the ability to interact with the app as you will do with a normal teacher.

The app uses short phrases and animated images that will attract the user even more.

Easy Metro

If you don’t want to use the tram or the Milan airport taxi service, download the Easy Metro app and get around Milan very fast. The app is very complex, yet very simple to use. It does not only show you the main metro stations, but also some pubs, restaurants, and markets near the stations, so if you ever doubt if the market is there, the app will announce you right away.

Not only will the app show you the main stations and some landmarks, but also it warns you about some events that take place near the station. Disruptions or accidents are also displayed on the app in real time.

The app is available for free on any platform, but it can also be bought for $0.99 to have access to all the app can offer as a Pro package.


Ever wondered if smart cars exist? Well, they do, thanks to the Car2Go app. The app is linked to the car’s computer and you can rent the car with your app. Once you open the app, the app will charge a fee only at the beginning for opening the app, and then you can search for a smart car near you and all cars are two seated Smarts.

Before downloading the app, be sure to have a valid driver’s license and a credit card to be able to make the payment. The app withdraws money for how long you drive the car and stops when you stop the car. Another thing to be considered is that the cars are eco-friendly. Also, the service is very cheap, meaning that a minute drive costs around $1, so you can really save up money and time using the app.

Once you are done with the car, you don’t need to return it to the spot. Simply just park it in a designated area and that’s it.


Especially in the hot summer days, Milan can be a true headache and heat strokes are often when you don’t drink water. To avoid buying bottled water from shops and stores, you can download WeTap. It is a free app to download and very useful. Water may not pour instantly, but the app shows you the exact spot of fountains with drinkable water.

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of these fountains in Milan and one could be right next to you, but with the app, you cannot miss one. Locals say that these fountains have the best drinkable water in the entire city.

Milan Travel Guide

This is the name of the app and it has it all. From pubs, restaurants, hotels, and links to them, to events, shows, and shopping districts. The app, however, is not free, but for a low price of $3.99, you have access to everything you need to get around Milan and find out what’s new.

Not only that you can get around the city, but also you can read interesting facts about Milan’s geography, get weather updates. You can even get the lowest prices in almost any store, so you won’t need to spend large sums of money on things you could’ve buy for less.

Even more, this app also works offline and it has a metro map that accurately informs you where to get a metro and which is the nearest metro station.

To conclude all the above information, Milan is the second largest city in Italy and it may be tricky finding what you desire in a short amount of time. All the above apps are a must have and combined, you can get the ultimate Milanese experience and get around the city and find exciting new stuff.

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