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Fleet Management Software Free

Fleet Management Software Free – There are a number of variables to consider while managing a fleet. These variables can be related to fleet movement or fleet maintenance. Considering all these variables and ensuring your cargo reaches its destination on time is an extremely cumbersome task and the probability of an error occurring is quite high.

There are a number of software applications that have been developed to assist logistics companies with fleet management, dispatch scheduling, and maintenance. These software work to reduce latency in the supply chain and reduce the cost of delivery and maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some of these software applications and how they help keep the supply chain moving.


Fleet Management Software Free



Fleet Management Software

A fleet management software is a comprehensive solution to managing large fleets of vehicles. These software applications include features that also help in fleet management as well. Let’s take a look at some of the primary features of fleet software applications:


Inventory Management

Fleet management software applications come with inventory management that allows you to detect a shortage of parts or spares you need and the number of vehicles in your fleet. This allows you to keep your maintenance crew up to speed with minimizes downtime in the fleet. Anticipating the requirements of your maintenance crew helps them keep all the vehicles in your fleet moving.


Fleet Management Software Free


Preventive Maintenance

There is a lot of data produced by a fleet software that provides vital insights on the condition of your vehicles. You will be able to access this data and study it to predict which of your vehicles might require repairs, the software will also prompt you on when vehicles require to go in for their scheduled maintenance.


Repair Maintenance

The fleet software also records repairs conducted on each vehicle and what repairs have been recurring. This allows maintenance crews to pinpoint specific problems in vehicles and if there are any parts that need to be ordered. This can also help in the preventive maintenance of vehicles.


Fleet Management Software Free


Tax Management

The data for the fleet software can also be used for tax management. Taxes to be paid under the IFTA need to be calculated based on data from fleet software like miles run in each state and gallons burnt in each state. The data from the software makes it easy to calculate these variables while determining the total tax liability.


Fleet Management Software Free

Vehicle Insurance

Fleet software can also record the insurance policies on each vehicle. The software will prompt you when the insurance for a vehicle has lapsed, ensuring the paperwork for all your vehicles is up to scratch and none of your vehicles will face any legal repercussions.


Cost Management

Since a fleet software provides you comprehensive data relating to the running of a fleet, it can also provide you insights as to where you incurring extra costs and improve efficiencies to cut costs.


Vehicle Acquisition

When you are expanding your fleet, you need to know how many vehicles you need to acquire. The data from a fleet software can provide you the best insights as to how many vehicles you should add to your fleet for the best Return on Investment (ROI). The software will also store all the documentation that comes along with vehicle acquisition like the registration certificate and insurance.


Vehicle Disposal

The fleet software records maintenance and repair data to determine when a vehicle reaches the end of its utility in your fleet, at this point, you will need to dispose of it before it becomes a burden. A fleet software will account for all the vehicles that have been disposed of by the company and can also record the sale price of the vehicle.


Driver Profiles

The fleet software will also create driver profiles for each of your drivers, allowing you to see which of your drivers are assigned to which vehicle in your fleet. The driver profile also provides you historical data on the driver allowing you to view their overall performance.



The fleet software will also record any penalties that your vehicles have incurred. This allows you to reduce the costs by avoiding these penalties in the future. It also helps you record erratic driving behavior.


Incident Management

The fleet software also helps in incident management. Incident management is the process of identifying, analyzing and preventing future incidents through close study of data produced. This data also helps identify drivers that might need further training.


Vehicle Tracking

The fleet software includes GPS tracking devices. This allows you to view the movement of your vehicles and the average time it takes to complete a journey. GPS tracking provides a multitude of insights about your vehicles that can help you reduce costs in the future.


Dispatch Software

A dispatch software help dispatchers assign tasks to the rest of your fleet. Fleet management software free, There are a number of features that are included in a dispatch software to ensure your fleet keeps moving smoothly.

Dispatch software also ensures the timely dispatch of your cargo and the status of its movement. This software is used mainly by dispatchers to monitor movement from the base.

Having a separate dispatch software and fleet software can be very helpful, as the dispatch software is mainly used to set up new tasks and assign them to your employees and drivers.

This software can be used by all teams in your company from the maintenance team to the drivers to determine tasks and the status of their progress.


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