What is IDaaS & How Can It Help Your Business?

What is IDaaS & How Can It Help Your Business

There are so many benefits to using identification badges and ID card software in a business setting, including heightened office security, easy time clock punching, and simple tracking of meeting attendance – just to name a few. As with everything these days, technological advancements have replaced the simplistic name-and-a-photo badge design with high-tech versions of ID badges. Now, identification cards contain more information than ever and are frequently tracked on virtual ID through the cloud, making physical ID badges optional. While this is great in helping businesses save money and resources, it means that identification management becomes more complex and sometimes a bit tricky. Suddenly your receptionist who at one point just needed to scan IDs to let employees into the building is confronted with confusing software that he or she must learn to navigate, or else put the company and employees’ securities at risk. That can be quite a bit of pressure to handle.

If you’ve made the choice to move over to virtual badging, it is crucial to ensure that your badging system is safe, reliable, and easy to use. That can be difficult to find, which is why so many businesses have made the decision to move from in-house badging to Identification as a service, or IDaaS for short. IDaaS is also frequently known as “cloud based badging,” the badging system of the future.

It may look like a strange acronym, but IDaaS is really quite simple to understand. In information technology, when a term is attached to the suffix “aaS,” it means that term is being offered as a service by an outside company. Gmail, for example, is email-aaS, online email offered as a service by Google. There are many benefits to outsourcing services. The importance of those benefits depends largely on the importance of that service and the risk associated with it.

Let’s go back to the email example. What are the benefits to outsourcing your email? For one, you save money by not having to pay to install an email software on your device. You also can log in to your email from anywhere, adding convenience. If you choose not to outsource your email, your worst losses are an upfront software cost and occasionally not being able to reply to your emails, should you not have access to your computer.

Now consider identification. What are the risks of trying to run your own identification system?  The consequences are much graver. For starters, should any human error be made, you run a huge security risk, compromising the safety of your employees and the safety of private customer information. What if the badges malfunction and your employees can’t clock in or out?  That’s quite a bit of added work for managers to adjust every single employee’s time sheets every single day. And what about the software you will need to install for your in-house system? Hopefully you’ve got a stellar tech team and deep pockets at the ready, because not only is this software expensive to install, it usually requires frequent, complicated and pricey updates that can put your system down for hours. When you run your own ID system, at best, you’ll face big bills and inefficiencies, and at worst, you’ll face a dangerous security breach.

Express Badging offers IDaaS through their revolutionary VEONICS PORTAL™, which has improved and streamlined the identification process like never before. With IDaaS, you will never have to worry about problems with your ID badges, because eXpress badging will take care of everything for you. The eXpress badging team will be in charge of installing and upgrading software, backing up all data, paying hosting fees, and more.

Using IDaaS also tightens up your company’s cybersecurity. Rather than running a company and worrying about your ID badging on the side, using IDaaS allows the host company to focus completely on your identification system, channeling all energy into making sure that you never face a delay, malfunction or security breach. In the unfortunate event that your company’s computers crash, your IDaaS provider will have all identification information backed up and at the ready. You’ll never have to worry about losing or compromising information again.

With IDaaS, you will save money, enjoy improved security, and rest easy knowing your host company has the expertise you need to guarantee the safety of your business. While it can feel reassuring to do something on your own, delegating to a company you can trust will make your life easier and your identification system more secure. Identification badges are moving into the future with IDaaS, and you should too. If you choose to make the choice to move to IDaaS, be sure to choose a host company with plenty of experience and a track record you can trust. The security and efficiency of your company simply depends on it!

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