Why End-To-End Testing Is Necessary: Let’s Decide on Your Business Needs

Manual testing vs Automation

Manual and automation testing today plays a significant role in any technology company. Whether it’s a mobile, web-based application or a website, the revision of a code is extremely important. Proper planning and the competent choice of automation testing tools help save time and money.  This article will help you to decide whether an automated testing of UI and other parts of your app is really a must-have for your business.


Automation Testing vs Manual Testing: Discovering the Difference


Searching for errors in order to fix them is one of the most important stages of quality control of the software being developed. At the initial stage of development of any product, the use of manual try-out prevails in most cases, but later, when its functionality grows and expands, manual try-out becomes suboptimal and does not yield the expected results. If you had to test sites manually, then you understand how difficult this task is. Manual try-out takes a lot of time. This is, to most, a monotonous and unenlightened occupation.

Because of this, there is a need to optimize manual work and use automated testing of a software in combination with manual methods. However, some companies still try to use automated try-out from the first stage of product development, and they are completely right.


Automation testing uses software to verify the execution of tests to shorten the try-out time and simplify its process. The benefits of using automated try-out are quite numerous, but it takes time writing and maintaining tests.

Therefore, you should correctly plan everything and determine the profitability of the solution. In general, automation begins with the smoke test, and the most frequently performed tests. It is also useful to make an automation testing of parts that are containing a large number of steps or complex arithmetic calculations. This is just the goal of end-to-end testing. In order not to be confused in terminology and clearly understand what is automation testing, you should keep in mind that automatization is a way of conducting end-to-end try-out.

What Are the Tasks of the End to End Testing

Automation testing of Android and other apps offers many opportunities, and, in particular, allows you to create quality applications with less effort. In addition, time is saved. However, there are still startups that use manual try-out because they do not know how to integrate automation into the development process and get the most out of this.

Automated try-out assumes that the machine will perform what the person did before, but it is able to cope with the tasks much faster, with a lower probability of error and continuously. This is comparable to the appearance of a conveyor belt when machines began to perform monotonous and boring operations for a person. People are always prone to miss the mistakes and shortcomings. In this respect, machines are prompt and infallible.

Automation requires significant investment, and small-scale company managers are usually worried that the result will not meet expectations, or even that the ROI indicator will be completely zero. An automation of production operations allows the business to accelerate the assembly of products. Approximately the same role in the development of applications is assigned to the automation of testing.



Main Benefits of E2E Testing and Some Cons You Should Also Be Aware Of

Do you still doubt whether you need this tool? Let’s consider the top five main advantages that will loudly speak in favor if this solution. Just prove them in practice.

  • First of all, the customer is interested in starting capital investments. For many, this becomes the main stumbling block, but practice shows that in the long term such an investment is justified.
  • 24-hour tests. Regardless of your location, the developers of your startup can start try-out, leaving the office, and check the summary when it will be convenient for them. This saves a great deal of time to create the product and launch it.
  • Automating of software testing is a more reliable way than standardized tests, none of which can be missed, as this is fraught with errors.
  • This approach is reasonable since it can be applied by all team members. Testers can find out what other people have done before, which tests were conducted, what bugs were detected and code errors eliminated.
  • Extra-tools can be used. One such method is a stress test, in which the limits of the application and operating infrastructure are tested.


Main Benefits of E2E Testing



But we should pay attention to the drawbacks as well. This process will not eliminate the unusual issues that users may encounter. Another drawback is the limited number of scenarios.

The main task of automation is to look for mistakes in elementary operations, for example, entering the application, creating an account or sending an email when the user forgets the password. The application’s shortcomings, which are found under specific circumstances, should still be checked by a coder. As you know, machines have great capabilities, but unfortunately, they can not think independently in the broadest sense.

Among other things, automation does not allow us to conduct effective usability try-out of design, for example, the position of the button, and, in general, how convenient the application is to use. Manual testing is still used to find out all of this.

To achieve better results, it is more expedient to use a combined version: automation is suitable for simple repetitive actions, manual try-out is for complex cases when specific bugs are searched for in order to provide the maximum possible experience of interaction. Using this approach, you will get better software, the release of which will take place earlier, with fewer problems and fewer resources involved.

Let’s check out whether an automated end-to-end testing is really necessary for your startup and answer some easy questions.

Questions You Should Answer for Yourself

When we have already understood what is automated software testing, let’s check whether your startup really needs it. So, consider the following issues.

Is Automation Testing Possible within Your Startup?

To give the positive answer to this question you should have:

  • the product with some process which needs to be checked;
  • you should develop the clear strategy of how to do it;
  • you should choose which automated test tool you would like to use.

Is It Profitable to Use a Tool for an Automated Test?

To be sure of the correctness of the solution, you must calculate the real value of the real benefit from the introduction of automation startup testing.

If the answers to these questions are positive, only then is it necessary to start automation startup testing, otherwise, it can only bring harm to the startup, and more often it can be just an unnecessary waste of money. So, it is worth assessing the main advantages and disadvantages of this decision.

Three Main Benefits Your Project Will Get by Using E2E

The first and main goal of any business project (and the economy as a whole) is getting more profit for less money. In the case of software development, E2E solves this problem by allowing you to save in the following ways.

  • Fewer employees. You do not need an expanded staff anymore. You will only need an engineer to automate testing for writing scripts, instead of a large group of employees engaged in boring manual This is especially true if the development of your product is outsourced, and you pay an hourly rate to each team member.
  • The introduction of this opportunity into the development process is a one-time investment. When you need to update the version of your software, you do not have to do testing from scratch.
  • The next benefit is a continuation of the previous one. You start earning profits earlier thanks to the accelerated release of new versions (at the same time, we remember that the testing process has already been launched, additional funding is not required).

However, you should remember that it is suitable only for checking processes that are easy to test. All complex issues should be checked only manually. However, you can fully rely on our experience and competent approach in combining these two types of testing within your project.




Let’s Make the Final Decision

It is a matter solely for your goals and needs whether or not your company needs automation startup testing. Always, as with any try-out, you should evaluate the potential risks from missed defects at this stage, as well as the cost of preparing and conducting end-to-end testing. You need to evaluate what will cost you more and then act. In the case of end-to-end try-out for business processes, it should be remembered that it does not make sense without a solid foundation in the form of 100% pass rate unit, integration, and system tests.

The volume of E2E tests is just the tip of the pyramid (1-2% coverage, ~ 99% pass rate), which should not be larger than its base, nor be the error correction of previous stages. This is an addition that is considered mandatory at the previous stages.

Our Attitude to This Opportunity: WOXAPP Is Ready to Offer

In our company, automated testing of mobile and web apps is the main part of each

project, and we believe that this service is an integral part of software development, taking into account current and future needs.

We have proved in practice that an automated testing of Android and iOS app will save your time, money and labour resources. The main goal of WOXAPP in automated mobile and web testing is to bring our customers as much profit as possible, and this is a great opportunity to get the product of really high quality.

Automation Testing Tools We Use to Make Your Startup Perfect

There are a lot of Android and iOS automated testing tools.  We use the following ones for mobile and web app automated testing.

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  • Appium is an environment for try-out;
  • Cucumber is a tool for BDD tests writing;
  • Java is a programming language used for auto testing writing;
  • Bitbucket is a system of version control;
  • Jenkins is a CI/CD server.


Here is one more thing you need to know about how we perform all these procedures. In the process of revision of the work for your application, we carefully check each specific action that can be performed by the user. We create separate tests for each element.


Our programmers and testers work in one bundle. In practice, this means that when the coder finishes the development of a specific function and integrates it into the application, the tester checks the code as a whole and can make the necessary changes to the operation of the entire application, not just its new part. Saving forces and time is obvious.


Moreover, this approach to feature testing allows us to get a 100% running and ready-to-launch project at the output.

We have extensive experience in developing and implementing solutions for automated testing of web, mobile (iOS and Android), and desktop applications. Be sure that your application will also be  carefully checked in order to provide you with the greatest result. Just ask us for help!

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