Why Printed Calendars are Still Relevant in the Digital Age

We handle most of our responsibilities digitally. We have memos, apps, formulas and emails that take care of our time and wellbeing. Moreover, we have plenty of tools to optimize our communication and even ideas. Yet, we turn to traditional options whenever we want to quickly see an overview of our time. Printed calendars can be both marketing tools and the products you place in your kitchen each January.

Calendars are famous for their utility. To get the most of your time, find your favorite printable calendar 2018 and save the file into your computer. Then, just print the calendar and find a wall to place it. Now, let’s see why printed calendar are relevant and useful in the modern digital age.


An Outline of the Digital Age

The implications of digital tools in our everyday life are obvious. We even have digital calendar with reminders and shareable events. Many corporations use them for internal meetings, assessments and much more. They can be synchronized with our mobiles and we can access them from any laptop or computer, once we log in.

However, studies seem too back up the information that printed calendars have advantages that digital products can’t beat.

  • Businesses have an average 1,300% ROI on traditional advertising. The amount tends to grow, as 56% of the customers prefer traditional marketing. Clients seem to process printed materials, rather than digital ones, as they seem more real.
  • As the digital age develops, traditional marketing seems to remain and complete modern options. You receive leaflets on the street, see ads in magazines or discover a catalogue in your mailbox. These initiatives cover a wide range of your public. There are activities and pieces of information they need on a daily bases and products to satisfy those needs. One of them is time management – and that’s what calendars are for.
  • People find a printed document more useful than a digital one, as it is also tactile. A brand you can touch is more familiar to clients, as it involves directly in their life, studies say.
  • Today’s Digital age we can find everything online. we can see the famous furniture selling website Urban Ladder providing an awesome quality of furniture to us.

All-Time Advantages of Printed Calendars

  1. Customers purchase calendar as end-of-the-year rituals. Someone who had a calendar once tends to have it every year. Customers rely on their printed calendars. They calculate by touching the dates. Moreover, they mostly use them to plan vacations or long-term responsibilities.
  2. You can give calendars to local clients or associates. You can directly hand out printed calendars to clients or associates. Also, you can integrate the giveaways in local campaigns and see the reactions first-hand. You might notice their utility and keep a calendar in your office.
  3. Nothing blocks them. Do you know those pop-ups or ad blockers that influence your communication with tech-savvy clients? Calendars that are even backed-up by leaflets go to clients which are already interested in your brand, products, message or values. Moreover, you can place your brand anywhere, without risking blockage.
  4. You can customize printed calendars. Even though the calendar is meant to be simple, you can hand it out in a personalized envelope which contains other promotional leaflets. If they have a similar message to the calendar, you have a consistent campaign. By integrating a calendar into a giveaway package, you also make sure that the package is useful for the end customer. Moreover, they will be reminded of your brand for the next 365 days just by looking at the calendar.
  5. Calendars save time. Technology might fail when you forget to save an information or there’s a power cut. Calendars are reliable and available every time you look at them. You get access to the data you need in less time than digital options. You don’t need to open your laptop or an app, log in or find an option to see how the next month looks.

From Calendars to Print

There are photo shoots and concepts behind the most famous printed calendars. You can find calendars with your favorite dog or cat breed, famous persons or breathtaking landscapes. However, a simple and plain calendar can mix with any picture you like for each month. If you wish to save place, you can just skip placing a picture next to the calendar. Timing also matters. So, if you have a campaign which is due next January, you might have just found the marketing tool that your customers and associates enjoy.

Printed calendars might have a long-lasting life, even in the digital era. As numbers also say, traditional marketing is appealing to the audience. It can also integrate easily in their daily life. Moreover, printed calendars cover that tactile area that digital tools, apps, or promotions seem to miss.

So, print out the calendar and test these benefits first-hand!

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