Protecting Your Email Account from Spam

When you sue email, as almost 100% of people do nowadays, then you are always at risk of falling victim to a number of different attacks including malware and phishing.

These hacking attacks are normally dependent on targeting some human weakness like a lack of knowledge or gullibility to try and obtain access to private data that can be used to earn the cyber criminals lots of money.

Due to this it is important for you to know exactly how a spam campaign works. Tools such as  Office 365 spam filter can protect you from such spam campaigns safeguarding your data and privacy. Visit for more information on the subject.



How a Spam Campaign Operates:

  1. A message will be sent to you that tries to convince you to complete an action like handover information or transfers money to a bank account.
  2. If the reader is convinced that the email is genuine and from a real person they complete that action in line with the request.
  3. When the action is completed, such as visiting a hyperlink that brings the reader to a website loaded with malware and spyware, the cybercriminal will be able to obtain private personal data that will allow them to steal money or information.


In order to make their emails more realistic, hackers may try to use social engineering such as spoofing the email of one of your colleagues or making an offer that seems too good to be true – it always it.


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Spam content varies and can attempt to trick you into following a scam website, where you will be asked to enter your personal or  bank account details.

They offer to transfer you money but will first ask for you to transfer a small amount of cash to confirm the bank account details.

Ideally you should take measures to stop malicious emails from landing in your inbox. You can use the following steps to help achieving that goal.

  • Never share your email address online
  • Set up a different email address for registering for online accounts and services
  • Install spam filter to spot these spam emails they get to your inbox
  • Delete spam messages as soon as you receive them
  • Review the website privacy policy for anything you are using your email to register for. This will inform how the website owner intends to use you email address going forward


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You could consider implementing two-step verification to make it more difficult for someone else to sign in to your email account. Two-step Authentication is when user must provide more than one type of proof that they are authorised before they can log on to an account.

For example, you need to enter a password &  another form of identification. Most people will be familiar with being sent a code to a mobile phone that is registered with your account to allow access.


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