5 Tricks Agents Use To Sell Houses Fast in Philadelphia & Atlanta

Sell Your House Fast Philadelphia

All of these are the ingredients that go into the formula that makes it possible to sell a Philadelphia house quickly. Skill, experience, expertise, timing, and a not-so-small helping of luck. Oh, and one other thing: some clever tactics that can reduce the luck factor dramatically. And effective agents know how to execute these techniques effectively, which you might not be aware of. So check out these 5 tricks agents use to sell Philadelphia houses quickly.


How To Sell Houses Fast in Philadelphia & Atlanta

1. Using Top-Quality Listing Photos

This is so significant, although not purely a trick, that we had to start with it. A fairly simple and reliable way to sell houses quickly in Philadelphia is to use top-notch professional-quality listing pictures.

“Images are the very first thing a buyer can see about your house, and they will decide whether or not they end up planning a show. The best features of your Philadelphia home should be illustrated by good real estate pictures, with every step taken to make the room appear as cozy and welcoming as possible. It’s not as straightforward as it sounds, and it’s not something that anyone can trust.”

Using a skilled photographer to get the best shots at the best times is recommended. In her network, your local agent would possibly have professional photographers she can call on.

Sell Your House Fast Philadelphia

2. Pricing Right

As a seller, of course, you want to make as much money as possible on the selling of your Philadelphia property, but when it comes to the pace of the sale, it’s always a trade-off. So agents make a point to price correct, to price to sell, in order to sell houses quickly in Philadelphia. And market value is the key deciding factor here.

“Everyone wants to make as much money off their home sales as possible, but it’s important to be practical. Especially if your aim is to sell quickly Philadelphia house, what you paid for the home matters far less than what the market dictates at the moment. But for a fast sale you don’t have to under-price your house, you do have to smartly price it.”

By way of a comparative market study, your local agent will help you “get a starting number that makes the most sense in light of the market and your goals.” Then, your agent will establish a pricing strategy on the basis of market value and local market conditions to allow you to sell quickly Philadelphia house.

3. Standing Out by Being Different

In Philadelphia, another trick agents use to sell houses quickly is simply doing what it takes to stand out from the competition crowd. Being distinct in attractive ways will give you the competitive advantage required.

For instance, one agent advises striving to make your Philadelphia house appear warm and inviting by doing something as simple as setting up visitors with freshly baked cookies. “A little extra step like that helps buyers remember your Philadelphia house, and puts them right off the bat in a good mood as well. Try putting out water bottles or a bowl of fruit if you don’t want to put out baked goods. A tiny bit of extra work will make you stand out from the competition irrespective of what you want to do.”

4. Deploying Multiple Marketing Strategies

A for-sale sign in the yard and an ad in the local paper are no longer enough to sell a house quickly. But again, neither one relies exclusively on websites for online listing. That is why a successful agent deploys multiple marketing strategies in Philadelphia to sell houses quickly.

Multiple tactics are needed today to generate enough interest for a fast sale. Both the old and the modern should be used in these techniques, such as:

  • For-sale signs
  • Classifieds
  • Flyers
  • Spreading the word by mouth
  • Various social media platforms
  • Open houses
  • Paid ads
  • Direct mail campaigns

5. Creating Conditions for a Bidding War

In order to sell houses quickly in Atlanta, very savvy agents work to build the conditions required for a bidding war to occur. This usually means listing at a lower cost than equivalent houses. And this normally leads to a lot of excitement from the customer and many birds, which eventually results in a better price bid and a quicker sale.

By choosing the highest or best offer and telling other potential purchasers about it, you, the seller, will intensify the bidding war. Usually serious buyers would then return with an even better counter-offer. But be careful that you should follow the advice of your agent to make sure this tactic does not backfire on you.

There are then a range of items that you and your agent can do to sell more quickly Atlanta house. It’s just that in some local markets, some tricks work better than in others, and that’s why you need a local agent with experience. So if you’re ready to sell and want to take advantage of the tricks agents use in Atlanta to sell houses quickly, contact us.

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