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Sell Your House Fast Jacksonville

Do you need to sell your California house? Currently, it may still be the market of a seller, but today sellers have additional obstacles to deal with: COVID-19, fear and uncertainty, economic hardship, and more. And this means that despite the fact that the market favors buyers, selling your Jacksonville house will probably not be an easy job. So, sellers will have to become imaginative and willing to experiment, particularly when it comes to marketing, for a faster sale at a better price. There are six out-of-the-box marketing ideas for selling your house in California here then.


1. Offer an Incentive

By providing an opportunity or inclusion, a perfect way to stand out from the crowd and sell your house in California is. This is not achieved by any other sellers, and that means you’ll have a competitive advantage.

Possible benefits may be for instance, promising to pay HOA fees for a year, offering to pay closing costs, or even providing with the house the new kitchen appliances. This is an efficient marketing tactic out-of-the-box because it can also turn fence-sitters into serious buyers. It’s the old and highly successful reciprocity at work principle: you can get something if you give something.

Sell Your House Fast California

2. Offer “Test Drives”

Without taking it for a test drive, you wouldn’t have purchased a car, would you? Oh, the same goes for selling your California home. To generate more interest, you can give buyers a “test drive” of your home.

What this means is providing a chance to experience living in your house for a short time, say, for a weekend, to serious buyers. This may be all a prospective buyer wants to step into being an actual buyer.

Before allowing them to stay in your California house, you have to be careful, though and thoroughly vet people. For this, your local agent will help you out.

3. Offer Facebook Rewards

Offering incentives on Facebook is another great innovative marketing strategy to help you sell your house in California. Thus you are able to exploit both Facebook’s marketing scope and the influence of monetary rewards.

Typically, it works like this . . .

On Facebook, you upload your list and then share it with all your friends on Facebook. And then you declare that you’re offering a reward to someone whose share of your listing results in a viewing or a transaction, something like, say, a Visa gift card. This technique is likely to build some interest in your listing.

4. Leverage Community Micro-Influencers

Many culture has a number of what may be considered “micro-influencers,” those individuals who come into contact with many others and whose views are typically well respected. Your local hairstylist, the bartender at the local pub, or the famous dog groomer can be such micro-influencers. Try to harness their persuasive force, whoever it is.

On Facebook, post your listings with them and talk to them about your California house for sale. Such influencers would then pass the word along to their clients and consumers. Word-of-mouth ads and recommendations still hold the most weight, particularly in our modern age.

5. Use Live Video

Digital tours have repeatedly proven their quality, but the use of live video is an even more effective marketing tool to sell your California house. Research shows that one of the most important ways to catch the attention of consumers is live video. Users spend more than three times longer viewing live videos than non-live videos, Facebook says.

So be sure to talk about making some highly productive live videos of your home with your agent. They will give viewers a true sense of your home and what it would really be like to live there. And it will keep viewers coming back for more with a daily series of live videos.

6. Sell the Experience

You’ve also heard sales experts suggest that you do not try to highlight or offer features, but rather advantages, several times over. And the same happens when you want to sell your California home. Offer the memory, not the possession.

“Most people don’t care about real estate, they care about what they and their family will carry with a new home. You have to sell California properties by selling the experience surrounding the listings to inspire results to call you, book property to see or put a bid on a property. Instead of just talking about the property specs, several bedrooms and a large backyard are fantastic, but they are not the only variables that sell a California home, encouraging how different things can be incorporated into the lives of buyers.”

Your goal should be to create a memorable experience for potential buyers. That’s why industry pros say that “Buyers should have a complete picture of how wonderful their lives will be with your property through your real estate marketing. In essence, this would allow them to reach out and find out more about the listing.”

Get More Out-of-the-Box Ideas

Such out-of-the-box marketing ideas should put you well on the road to making a sale to help you sell your California home. Yet you’d be much better off deploying even more successful evergreen real estate marketing strategies with all the current obstacles. Your local real estate agent will know exactly what the local market is going to be working on. So if you’re ready to sell your California house, contact us.

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