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Lightning can cause devastating damage to the earth, but it can also leave its mark on the atmosphere long before it even strikes. Atmospheric changes that often occur at the same time as lightning storms are one of the keys to predicting when lightning will strike. While weather software is far from accurate enough to tell us where individual strikes will land, it has become sophisticated enough to predict areas where lightning activity is likely to happen. This is good news if you live or work in an area that can benefit from being able to predict and warn for lightning activity.


What Is Sferic?

 Sferic is a type of naturally occurring electromagnetic pulse that happens as a result of lightning strikes. Sferic anomalies can be detected thousands of miles from their source, though accurate sferic readings are more difficult to determine the further from the source they are taken. Regardless, Sferic maps are one of the most reliable sources for lightning data for areas that are outside of the range where lightning flashes can be seen and thunder heard. This makes them a valuable tool for predicting lightning in an area and issuing early warnings.


How Sferic Maps Work

 Sferic maps compile real time weather data to chart where lightning is occurring and where it is likely to happen next. Out maps use data collected from other users of the weather software to track developing lightning storms and predict where they are headed. Users can access this data at any time using easy to read maps. The more individuals know about upcoming weather patterns, the more intelligent decisions they can make about when and where weather poses a threat.

 If you are interested in making more intelligent weather-related decisions, Contact us for more information on weather software that helps track lightning and other severe weather conditions.

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