Top 12 Gadgets to Gift for Kids from the UK

Top 12 High Tech Gadgets to Gift for Kids from the UK and US

Finding a worthy gadget for your kids may be overwhelming. You will find tons of options wrapped in plastic covers that will be result in junk after a short time. Many of the parents won’t be able to gift iPad or over priced tech gadgets for their birthdays or Christmas.

You have to search wisely for tech gadgets for your kids that must be educational and inspiring for your little ones. Not only educational those gadgets must be capable to provide enough fun to your kids.

Here you will find cheaper and unique gadgets compared to Smartphone or tablets. All of these gadgets are unusual, interesting and enough to delight your young ones. You will find safe and useful gadgets even for two years old kids.

Very little kids should use their gadgets under the parent’s supervision. Here in this list of Top 12 Gadgets to Gift for Kids from the UK, you will find such gadgets and products that can be a perfect gift option for your kids.


If you have found your kids enjoying music during long trips or when you are not at home, then you should gift them a quality headphone. You will find easily a good quality of headphones in any online shopping website and here I have suggested on for you.

Your kids will not like a regular headphone that you will surely prefer for yourself. You have to be little childish for picking a suitable headphone for your kids. This bunny masked headphone is going to be your kid’s favorite tech gadget.

You can purchase great wireless and bluetooth headphones over at DJ City.

The product here will make your kid’s music listening experience protective and comfortable. It can be used as sleep mask and will be perfect for any trip.

2.Digital Microscope


Bring your kid this amazing gadget that will keep your kids busy after school. If your kid is curious in nature and wants to see this world with its vision of mind, then surely this gadget is going to be worthy.

This digital microscope is built with advance technology. Having 2.4 color LCD screen and 3MP camera that can capture brilliant results, this device will be a suitable option for your little scientist.

This device has brilliant optical zoom up to 3.7x and extraordinary magnification up to 54x. It is perfect for viewing biological elements and will be helpful for your kid to revise their lessons of science classes.

3.COJI Robot

Your kid will need your company any time but your family pet and a COJI robot can be your kid’s great companion. I m sure you have a loyal pet at your home, and then bring COJI robot for your little one.

This COJI robot is a coding robot that will teach your kids to program it using the emojis. Your little programmer will surely find the problem solving app funny and interesting. The device also reacts to physical actions such as titling and shaking. This COJI robot will steal your kid’s heart with its pre-programmed feedbacks.

4.VTech Tab

If your kid demands your Smartphone or tablet for playing games and watching videos, you may feel uncomfortable. You know that to refuse them will be not right but you also don’t want to do them unsafe browsing.

Here this device will be a great option for you and your kids. This device ensures safe browsing and will keep your kids away from the websites that they mustn’t visit. This will be enough for you to give peace of mind.

With the great 7 inch of display and 2MP of camera and WiFi connectivity this device will keep your child entertaining at home. The brilliant processor and 4GB memory will help them to develop some math skills and made them creative.

5.PARROT Minidrone

Have you find your kid addicted to the aerial gadgets or he is always busy in talking about the planes or drones, then this minidrone is going to help him to explore his imaginations.

It can be easily customized for attach and hold some mini figures. The personalization allows kids to change its looks instantly. This lightweight and nimble minidrone can turn easily 900 and 1800. Parrot minodrone will deliver a fully acrobatic performance at the clicks and swipes of your kid’s fingers.

6.Amazon Kindle

If your kid is a good story teller or spend enough time in writing then this tech gadget can be his favorite gifts of all. Lightweight and thinner compared to its predecessor, this device can easily fits in your kids backpack and even pockets.

Incredibly this device delivers highest performance with its power option. You won’t believe but kindle oasis gives the longest battery life more than a month in a single charge. With the amazing 300ppi resolution it displays clear and crisp texts.

7.Kids Bike

Let’s give your little ones a motorbike experience form this superbly designed bike. They will ride it and race around the parks feeling like next motorbike champion. It will also help in increasing physical activity of your kid and they will also pay less attention on video games and cartoon shows.

This bike has strong caliper brakes on both rear and front wheels. Built with full chain-guard that will protect your little one’s fingers and clothes this machine has removable stabilisers that can be removed as your kid’s confidence grows.

8.Football Pump

You don’t have to your kid’s football coach for helping them in improving their skills and stamina during their matches, just help them and motivate regularly. And this cool gadget will surely help them.

I have bought an essential kit here for your kid’s footy gear. This football pump is manmade gadget from Nike is a must have kit for the every budding footballer.

9.Donald Duck Character Micro Pet

Exclusively this gadget is a toy version of very famous cartoon character Donald Duck. This could be a favorite gift for you little ones especially for the kids of 2-6 years age group.

You will find your loved ones getting entertained by this funny cartoon character toy. It plays three different and pleasant tunes that are enough to engage you very small kids when you are tired because of your daily tasks.

10.Smart Watch for Smart Kids

Really smart gadgets for your smart growing child, this type of gadgets really help in making your child tech friendly. Very light and durable gadget, this will be easy source of entertainment and will surely help in building their creativity.

Having pleasant alarm tones will help you kids to get up in the morning. Built with advance technology and having many awesome features including GPS locations. This can be helpful for you to track the location of your kid if their gone something wrong.

  1. Laser Projector

Take your kids far away from your comfort zone to the virtual galaxy. No I am not asking you to take tickets for spaceships; this cool gadget will easily transform any wall or ceiling into a fascinating universe using its holographic technology and powerful green laser.

This laser cosmos have two independent projections that can be used separately and together. If used together this lasers delivers truly effective and hypnotic cosmic view.

  1. Solar-Powered Spider-Robot

This small and average looking toy has many features. This gadget runs on solar power and this feature is enough to give amazing information about solar power and its conservation at very little age.

Built with a micro motor and is also be a great fun to threat other kids and adults too. No need to think about its power option and will be enough to save your resources for your kids tech toys.

In this present era, we want to make our kids innovative and creative. All of these gadgets mentioned above will be helpful to boost your kid’s innovation. We can’t keep our kids apart from the modern technology, but all of the devices are not safe for the kids.

The gadgets mentioned here are safe and will also make your kid tech friendly from their little age. Please spend money on these devices regarding your kid’s age group and interest, if he is not interested then in won’t be of any worth.

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