Top Website Design Trends To Be Followed In 2017

There is a need of designing interactions of today to build the experiences of future. You have to be farsighted and look ahead what future will bring to you. Here are some great website design trends that you can apply while designing your business website. These are top trends to be followed by website designers in 2017.

The web is a unique environment and it is continuously changing. To cope up with the changing and evolving environment, developers and designers need to follow some significant trends to monitor 2017.


1 Mobile-first approach is must for brands

Mobile-first design is the process in which experts design for mobile first, then work for the bigger ones. It is just like an architecture project in which you first prepare a model and later build the structure.

Content is designed to fit on mobile screen and smaller sized screens first, later they work for large screens.

Smartphones come with smaller screens as compared to tablets and personal computers.

2. Wider implementation of responsive design

Though responsive design is something which has been used by businesses for web designing since few years, but this year, it will be implemented by major brands –both big and small.

Responsive design enables businesses to pay for one site build which will run on mobile and tablets, all the way to your laptop screens to desktop.

If you want a reliable responsive web design for your business, check out Zurb Foundation 6 toolkit that will help you get developers on the right track to a mobile-friendly site in less time.


Experts believe that this year, responsive designs will give more satisfaction and great user experience.

  1. Immersive full screen video

This year, websites need to be two steps ahead while including features in the design to make the user task quick and grab more traffic. Images are a must thing for web design and UI. Video is an extremely influential source to interact with users.

  1. Long form scrolling and content

Scrolling is a basic function for apps usage and browsing internet. With the successful implementation of long form content and long-form scrolling on large screens, the content is clearly displayed and smoothly accessed by user. The user experience and user interface will be great and will make the task easier.

  1. Vivid colors and contrasts

Multi-colors in the design community offer professional user experience. The color palettes always apply the tone of the content and make the user content readable.

  1. Breaking the grid

The grid offers the basis for design ensures the rhythm, balance, orders, and consistency. Grid is a key tool in the user experience web design as it offers the familiarity level for users facilitating them to navigate through website or app in line.

It is rigid and restrictive. In other words, grid limits the innovative options for experienced designers.

  1. Parallax

While implementing Parallax, it offers great sense of energy to designers to assist lift content in the webpage and engage the users. You can use the Parallax in conjunction with few rigid layout, text, and imagery to create fluid and layered content.

  1. Micro interactions

Micro interactions are smaller and play significant role in both UX and UI design. These interactions facilitate the user to know what happened, what will happen, and what is happening when they make interaction with user interface. Experienced designers put some fun functional to drive more users.

  1. Typography

As the web font services are increased, like typekit, google fonts are offering free fonts or cost effective fonts to see several brands bold, beautiful typography. It offers colors, videos, imagery, illustrations, and unconventional layouts to create excellent experiences.

  1. More use of Prototyping Tools

Prototyping tools are definitely the most useful breakthroughs to make buzz in web designing industry. UXpin, InVision, Webflow, and Marvel allow designers to create working high and low fidelity prototypes of sites and services quickly. These tools allow you to design in the browser and later you can launch the site right from the tool.

  1. Authentic photography

Photography will remain a main-stay within web design and design. Brands are conscious about using imagery on site. They actually hire professional photographers to take authentic pictures for website.

These are the top website design trends to be followed by designers and website owners. You can share this post with your contacts and development people. They will get to know about what is in trend and what has been obsolete.

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