Ultimate Directv Guide: How to program and use?

Directv is an American “direct broadcast satellite” service provider that allows you to experience HD channels on your television screens. The service was released on June 17, 1994, it transmits digital satellite television experience to every household in Caribbean, United States, and Latin America.

Whether you want an HD experience on any handy device or choose an episode of your favorite tv series, Directv provides you a mind-blowing screening on any device under your possession. Directv carries a plethora of channels out of which 200 channels are available in full-time HD. And that’s really not the end, Directv consists of on-demand or live television screening with cutting-edge technology and full-time HD screening on any device you want.

The more you compare it to other services, the more it will bound you in its magical services. Although, Directv is just like any other broadcast service, there are persistent questions regarding its working. You might be seeing interrupted signals sometimes between the receiver and the satellite dish for which we would need to troubleshoot such errors commonly known as Directv error 775. Therefore, today we’ll be discussing the working of Directv in a more simpler method.

The program guide

Once you have turned on the Directv and connected to your television screen. You’ll first search for the program guide or the list of channels.

Step 1 – Press the guide button present on the remote. On the first page, you’ll only see few channels and their specific timings.


Step 2 – Press the “dash” button from the remote, it will show you four varied guide options, consisting of –

  • Sort programs by category
  • Jump to a date & time
  • Change favorites list
  • Pay per view

Step 3 – You can watch tv shows specified by categories or select your own favorite list which will be shown every time you switch on the tv. For example, to create your favorite list, go to Change favorite list,  select the channels you like and give it an interesting name.

Step 4 – Your favorite list is always available in the dash option.

Step 5 – Another way to program your tv experience is by “filtering”.If you press the guide button, you’ll see all the channels, however, if you press the guide button again you’ll see a list of program categories.

Step 6 – Pick the kind of programming you’re looking for. The list contains genres like all channels, movie & event channel, entertainment & music channel, Family & Kids channel, etc.

Direct Tv Channel Numbers


Step 7– Select any genre and enjoy any channel you want to explore within seconds. This is the easiest way to run Directv on your television.

Step 8 – When you find a show to watch, press select from your remote. The show will screen on the tv screen and the guide options will vanish automatically.

Direct Tv Channel Numbers


70, 275, and 317                                      – QVC
72 and 313                                                –  Jewelry Television
73 and 316                                                –  EVINE Live
75 and 226                                                –  Shop LC
76, 79, and 315                                         –  QVC 2
81 and 111                                                  –  Dynamic Ad Unit HD

101, 239, 334, and 500 1239                 – Audience
106                                                             –  DirecTV 4K Events channel
114–116                                                     –  Sports Package ordering channels

119–120, 122 and 124                              – Pay-per-view events

125–167                                                     – DirecTV Cinema


Reference :-  TV Channel Lists.

Directv is a usual direct broadcast service that allows you to enjoy unlimited channels on your television screen, handy mobile phone, and on your tablets. In fact, users can operate their television screening through their mobile phones. What can be easier than that!


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