7 Simple Ways to view private Instagram Profiles without human verification

how to view private instagram profiles without human verification

How To view private Instagram without human verification ? or View Instagram Profile Without Login –  Instagram is currently the most popular social networking site that people love. It owes its popularity majorly to how easy it is to use. Almost every young person who had been using Facebook is on Instagram now.


View Private Instagram



Besides its easy to use interface, Instagram also has certain features that people love about it. One such feature that a lot of people use is a feature called ‘private profile’.

If you choose to have a private profile, what happens is- you pictures and posts are only visible to people who follow you. And in turn, people can only follow you if you accept their request to follow you.


Instagram Profile Without Login




For people who would want to take a look at someone’s profile without following, it might seem like an impossible task. However, there are some infamous yet easy techniques that you can make use of to view a person’s private profile posts without following that person or you can view Instagram Profile Without Login.


Most of the ways how to view private profiles is using certain tools that have been designed for this purpose. Here’s a list of tools and techniques that you can use to view a private profile.


Top 7 Ways to view private instagram profiles without human verification


private instagram viewer without human verification
private Instagram viewer without human verification

Apps to view private instagram photos – 2021

  1. Private Viewer


  • One of the safest tools for viewing a private Instagram account is Private Viewer. Using this tool, you can very easily view the private posts on private accounts.



  • This tool does not require you to provide any privacy related details.



  • Because of this you are undetected while viewing an Instagram profile. However, in case you use any of the information you get an access to in a wrong way; it can get you in dire, serious trouble.



  1. InstaView  


InstaView is one of the most popular ways of viewing an Instagram account that is private. This tool is really easy to use.


  • All that you have to do is visit the URL of InstaView  OR Search  InstaView Apk and Download app. that takes you to the website first.


private Instagram viewer


  • After that, either copy the private Instagram name that you want to view, or the URL of that Instagram account. You will see a list of features that will be displayed on the page.



instaview private



  • Click on whatever features you want and then click on the continue option. After that, just wait for a little while for the profile to get unlocked after which you can view the posts on the private account.




View private Instagram without human verification

2021 Latest updated



  1. Instalooker

This is yet another tool that people use to view private Instagram profiles. As you visit the website of this tool called Instalooker, you will see an option called ‘spy’.

All you have to do is simply click on that option. After clicking on spy, you will be taken to a page. In that page, you have to copy paste the username of the Instagram account that you want to view.

After doing so, you have to verify if the account that you want to view is valid and alive. In case it is not valid or alive, you will be required to mark the target account after which you can view the private posts.


For More Info :-  Instalooker – View Private Instagram


  1. InstaSpy

Pretty much like any other tool, this one is also very simple to use. Here again, you have to enter the website of this tool ‘InstaSpy’ after which you will see a box. In that search box, enter the URL of the private Instagram profile you want to see the posts of.

how to view someones private instagram photos
how to view someones private instagram photos

One great thing about this particular tool is that it allows you to see the posts online and if you want, you can download the posts as well. For instance, there might be certain posts that might be really useful, like an art and craft related post. Such posts cannot be just viewed once for a few seconds and left like that.


Hack private instagram photos


You would definitely need to download it. And when you need to download it, all you have to do is click the download option on the post.

https://www.instaspy. net/


  1. WatchInsta

WatchInsta is a tool that can help you view posts. Besides that, the best feature that WatchInsta offers is that you can even retrieve messages and files. Also, you don’t have to log in with your own account in order to view other people’s private accounts.


private instagram viewer


It also checks for updates automatically. The developers keep on constantly checking the tool and keep updating it. This tool is also much preferred by people since you wouldn’t get detected and is really safe to use.


view private instagram reddit


It also has a website where you copy the username or the URL of the Instagram account and get to see what you want to see.

http://watchinsta. com/


  1. Just follow

Yes, people have their own reasons to not follow someone and yet wanting to view posts. However, there might be instances when it actually isn’t that bad of a deal to follow and view posts. If you think your follower and following ratio would get disturbed, there is a solution.


view private instagram without human verification


Most of the times, people don’t want to follow too many people so that their account doesn’t look like a follow for follows account. For that matter, you can increase your number of followers using Instagram bot. Also, if that is your reason, you can request following a private account.

As soon as your follow request is accepted, you can go through that person’s account. Whatever post you find is useful, take a screenshot of that post and keep it with you. Now, once you have taken screenshots and are done with what you wanted, you can conveniently unfollow that private account.


  1. How to view private Instagram no survey no download

how to view private instagram no survey no download or view private Instagram without human verification ? If you are trying to view some post on a popular Instagram account that has gone private, you can try looking for the same post on other social networking websites as well.


Mostly, when a famous person or an active SNS using person uploads a post on Instagram, that person would also upload the same post on various other platforms, like Facebook.




All you have to do is find out what username that person or account holder uses for the other accounts. Once you know that, you can easily find that person’s posts on other apps and websites.



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