What’s new with the latest iOS and OS X releases?

latest iOS and OS X releases

Apple’s OS releases are always awaited with much enthusiasm and much to the delight of industry experts, Apple’s forthcoming releases – iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 are all set to consolidate, improve and possibly strengthen the existing features. Usually, Apple has been into adding new features and extending the capabilities of its operating systems rather than stabilizing its existing features. Stability and performance are the aspects that are being worked upon in these releases and it is expected that Apple will focus extensively on these aspects apart from security rather than release new features. Being into iOS Application Development, we are looking forward to this eagerly! We have compiled a list of things that you can expect in the new releases.

latest iOS and OS X releases


#1: Cool security enhancements to look forward to

Security is one feature that is a stand out in both iOS 9 (Gala) and OS X 10.11 (Monarch). We are particularly interested in the iCloud Drive that will be used as a backend for most apps and the security system that is rootless. Similarly, the Trusted Wi-Fi is another clear winner amongst the array of security based improvements in these releases. Let’s take a look at each of these in a more detailed manner.

Rootless makes your OS more robust and does away with root rights

This is perhaps one of the most important improvements to security where even an admin or root can’t modify core system files and data. This is a mammoth improvement when it comes to tightening security and making the system immune to potential harmful attacks. This also means jailbreaks aren’t possible now and extra customization by modifying core system files isn’t feasible anymore. We welcome this move as a company working on iOS Application Development!

What is trusted Wi-Fi?

This simply means more security for your Wi-Fi. Improved access and encryption are the highlights along with a ‘trusted’ list feature that ensures connectivity whenever your device is in range.

iCloud Drive as backend

For the core apps that come with the Apple bandwagon, the all new encrypted and robust iCloud will serve as the backend. Not only does this ensure data safety, it also will help in the movement of data between a 3rd party drive or location to iCloud. Cool isn’t it?

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#2: Slew of performance improvements!

Well, the last version wasn’t all that stable and was buggy to say the least and we are thrilled at Apple’s improvements in the areas of performance and stability this time around. Being leading Swift App Developers, we are overjoyed with the next iteration of the language – the 2.0 version which is far more stable and much more capable than its predecessors. The new Swift can actually access a central repository of libraries and this reduces the significant overhead that was a major buzz kill in earlier versions.

Performance for the older phone versions are supposed to improve with latest iOS 9 updates which again is a welcome thing. Have no fear of your iPhone 5 working at a snail like pace! It will certainly work better and faster with the update.

Even though there may not be exciting new features to keep enthusiasts pleased, the iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 versions are equipped with performance and security improvements that are a joy to developers. With improved reliability, these OS versions are set to take the markets by storm and we as Swift App Developers are already employing our grey cells to tap these improvements and make our apps robust.




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