8 Writing Apps That Will Help You Ace College Creative Writing

Have you enrolled in a creative writing course at college? Being original might not be enough to ace the class. All writing requires excellent technical skills. This includes organization, mastery of punctuation and knowing how to tell a story. Professors are very picky about such things, and it’s crucial to get them right. These eight writing apps will help you:




The first app we’d recommend to students of creative writing is Grammarly. It eliminates the need to master grammar and punctuation thus saving lots of time. This app doesn’t only fix grammar issues. It also suggests different word choices depending on how formal your writing is. See your use of passive voice and make your writing better. If you want to write fast and be able to fix your writing in a jiffy, Grammarly is your choice.

Paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo

The paraphrasing tool, offered by Prepostseo is an amazing application to make your content effective and unique.

This reformulation tool is popular because of its artificial intelligence technology.

This technology improves your sentence structure, replaces the words with the most appropriate synonyms.

The amazing fact about this tool is the maintenance of the source while making the text different from the source text.

This tool also offers the possibility to select the desired word from the synonyms suggested by the tool itself, which makes the text even more amazing.

Hemingway app

An alternative to Grammarly, Hemingway might be just as useful; and it’s free. The app doesn’t focus on technicalities as Grammarly does. Instead, it helps make your writing shorter, bolder, and easier to read. Hemingway was an American writer famous for his “economic and understated style.” His writing was very straightforward and accessible. This app aims to stay true to the master’s style which is very relevant to modern times. Especially in blogs and essay writing.



Ulysses positions themselves as “the ultimate writing app.” The app has many useful features and focuses on proving a focused writing environment for the writer. This combines with their easy-to-use document management system and sync with other apps. Ulysses is frequently recommended for writing lovers. The design is very pure and magnetic and very delightful to use. Ulysses requires a subscription and offers a 14-day free trial so that you can check it out.

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For those wishing to rid themselves of academic writing, EssayPro is an essay writing service to the stars. They give a lot of control to the clients. You can check the essay before paying and make unlimited revisions. The student gets to ensure that the composition meets all academic standards – all this has a very positive effect on the quality of each essay. Their customer support team is always online and very responsive. Get the app, and you can buy an essay online anytime and anywhere.



Competing with Ulysses on the App Store is Bear. It is another app designed for students, bloggers, and anybody who writes. It looks very slick as if you’re already writing on a finished blog site. The writings are easy to organize, fun to edit in the app, and easy to export and share across all platforms. Bear received the Apple Design Award in 2017. It is still an Editor’s Choice app which is heavily promoted on the Apple store.


Celtx is an essential app for film students, who also engage in lots of creative writing. Celtx allows you to create screenplays, character arcs, and plots in a lighting quick yet professional app. For $20 you get all the tools which professional screenwriters and storytellers use. It also allows sync through a multitude of devices and is available both on desktop and mobile devices. Write plays, screenplays, dialogues with ease; explore and illustrate your characters and create compelling stories.



Evernote is the all-in-one app for students to take and organize their notes. It is commonly featured on blogs as one of the best writing apps. The app is very flexible with its multitude of features. The app features all formats for note taking, including sketches, web clippings, audio, video and more. It also has the fantastic feature of turning voice into text. This way you can brainstorm out loud with your friends without writing anything down. It’s the Swiss army knife of writing apps and a clear choice for most creative writing students.



Most writers are very critical of themselves. We tend to over-edit work without completing it, and that does a great job at halting process. Ilys turns your writing blind, allowing you to write without seeing the text and keep your creative juices flowing. It creates a state of flow and freedom for the writer to keep tapping away at the keyboard without stopping. Creative writers need to brainstorm and warm up without being self-critical. With this online app, you can quickly start your morning by jotting away blindly to warm up and get creative.


The Bottom Line

Writing apps can fuel your creativity, or make you write quicker by eliminating the grammar and punctuation problems. They can also organize all your notes and simplify the brainstorming process. With these apps, you’ll be an unstoppable force of creativity in your class, and you’ll be very well organized.

However, it’s all about the writer. A good writer’s tool is their mind and their motivation. So even if you can’t pay $30 for Grammarly, learning punctuation and grammar can hugely improve your knowledge of the language, making you a better writer. With tools or without tools – the power to create is already within you.

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