Top cities with the least coronavirus cases in the United States

Since late 2019, the Coronavirus has been the bone of contention in almost every argument in the world, the Coronavirus is one of the most searched things on search engines in the world. The virus is not new to almost everyone in the world. The United States is one of the most affected countries in the world by the Coronavirus. Since the beginning of March, the virus has been increasing at an alarming rate in the country.


In total, about 190000 people are infected with the virus in the United States. New York is the most affected state in the United States with over 46000 cases and about 1000 deaths. Even though the virus is spreading at an alarming rate in the country, there are still few cities with few cases of the virus. Most of the states with the least cases of this virus are mostly States with small landmass and population when compared to States like New York, California and others that were affected by the virus. Top cities with the least cases of Coronavirus in the United States are:


Sioux Falls, South Dakota – South Dakota is the state with the least cases of coronavirus in the country. Even though the state has large landmass, it doesn’t stop them from protecting their cities from getting infected with the virus.

Though Sioux Falls is one of the most visited cities in South Dakota, it has very few cases of Coronavirus.

Questions have been raised concerning why the city has such a meager number of cases, the only answer that can be given to this is that the state of South Dakota was quick in reacting to the outbreak of the virus as the borders of the States were shut as soon as the virus outbreak was announced.


Fairbanks, Alaska – Alaska is one of the largest states in the United States, due to the nature of the Coronavirus of being able to survive in colder places, a lot of people expect the virus to spread faster in Alaska due to the cold weather in the state. Fairbanks is one of the cities with the least cases of Coronavirus in the country. The reason for the reduced number of cases is the fact that Fairbanks is one of the least visited places in the United States and because the virus is mostly spread by foreigners who visit the country from other parts of the world.




Everybody wants to visit different beautiful places around the world, but the coronavirus is now a barrier. We should all fight this virus because it is taking a lot of lives, and we can’t fold our hands and watch while people are dying. Although the government of different nations around the world is trying to suppress the spread and of course find a cure that will heal infected people.


This is a good development, but no one knows when they will come up with a vaccine or drug. Before then, we should all follow the guidelines and precautions that have been laid by the government and health workers to save our lives. This should not stop anyone from planning future trips because everything will come back to normal. For individuals that are planning a trip to the United States, & Canada if you need Party Bus Rentals .


A lot of people love to visit the US because of the various landmarks that are present in the country, but they tend to forget to learn about the procedures and documents needed to visit the country. This is a good time to gather information about these things thus, you should go online to get useful information about different locations in the US. One of the top documents that you may need is the ESTA if you are from a Visa Waiver Program country.


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You can visit the official website of the esta to learn more about the document. You should also learn about the ESTA approval if you are eligible for the document. Since the US has several cases of the coronavirus, you should get information about the situation in the country because it will help you in planning your trip. You should know the current COVID-19 U.S. Statistic as well.


Jackson, Wyoming – Wyoming is one of the smallest states in the United States. It is also one of the least visited places in the country due to the lack of tourist attractions in the States. Jackson is one of the biggest cities in Wyoming, the city is one of the few cities with the least cases of coronavirus in the country. The reason for the meager number of cases in the city is undoubtedly due to the hygiene of the people of Jackson and the awareness of the State government of Wyoming.



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