Road Trip: 7 useful tips on how to rent a car while traveling

Renting a car is the most convenient and incredibly interesting way to see almost any country. It is after traveling by rental car that we always have the best, simply unforgettable impressions. A car is not a luxury, but a means to get to where no guide will take you. This rule is followed by travelers who are used to planning their own routes and do not want to depend on the schedules of buses, trains, and planes.

Today, car rental companies have offices in every large airport and in almost any resort town. Where to start, what not to forget, what to pay special attention to: if you have never traveled by rented car before, these tips will help you


What To Pay Attention To When Renting A Car


Before the trip

  1. Is it necessary to take an international driving license with you?

It depends on where you are going.  Before renting a car, you should find your country in the list of those participating in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. If you are going to the UAE, for instance, you will need an international driving license. However, if you have some issues, you can contact the rental company in advance, and be sure that careful rental specialists at will help you to solve all of them and hire the vehicle you need without any trouble.



  1. Make an exact route

This can be done using Google Maps or special sites that have mileage counters and routing tools. Check the condition of the trails through which the route runs (this is especially true for mountainous areas of some countries). Do not forget to upload the latest maps to the navigator, as well as take a map of the sights of the area you will be driving through. Sometimes the most interesting places are outside the main tourist routes. If you choose the option of a car rental with a driver, you may consider getting some useful advice from the local driver.

Important: if you are traveling in a company, take into account the characteristics of all passengers when drawing up the route. Someone gets seasick quickly, someone needs to eat every two hours because of gastritis, and so on.

  1. Traveling by a rented car gives you the opportunity to use the services of low-cost airlines and choose a destination airport to which, under other circumstances, you would never want to fly because of difficult accessibility. With a car, you have no such restrictions.
  1. Book hotels along the entire route in advance

Of course, if you are traveling in Europe, you will not be left without an overnight stay, but you will greatly overpay by booking a room on the day of arrival. By the way, you can significantly save on hotels if you book rooms in a network of inexpensive hotels that are located near the airport or at the entrance to the city. They are designed for travelers who rent cars and usually offer free parking services.

  1. Study the features of parking and road markings in the countries along which the route runs. They may differ in detail from the rules you are familiar with, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate on the spot.

During the trip

  1. Book a car in advance at the airport, not in the city

If you rent a car in the city, especially in the resort, most likely, it will cost you 5-10% more. Only large car rental companies can afford to keep an office at the airport, and private city companies that are located in the city can not afford to dump.

  1. Remember that most car rental companies can rent a car in one office and return it in another, in any city or country in which their offices are located. This way you can plan your route as flexible as possible.

And finally: a ride in a rented car is a great time for picnics in the fresh air. In many European cafes and restaurants located along major highways, there are even specially equipped places for such dinners, with tables and benches.


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Renting a vehicle with children. Useful advice to parents

If you are traveling with small children, your only alternative is to travel by rental car. There are several benefits to renting a car with children. Children are virtually always seasick on group bus outings. No taxi driver or tour leader will drive at 50 km/h and stop every 15 minutes. By automobile, even the longest and most intriguing “one-day” itinerary may easily be extended to 2-3 days. You will drive slowly and stroll frequently, but you will be able to visit any nation normally.


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