Hack Samsung Smart TV & How To Jailbreak A Smart Tv

How To Jailbreak A Smart

Hack Samsung Smart TV OR How To Jailbreak A Smart Tv  ? read below article also once you jailbreak TV you could easily run Samsung smart tv apps hack.Hacking Smart TV’s is cyber crime you have to worry about is hackers stealing your financial information.


Internet attackers also Vulnerabilities through internet may harm your sensitive data, drive images, information or remote files.


Jail-breaking or rooting your smart TV may allow users to explore their device but this may harm user’s privacy.


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Hack Samsung Smart TV to Access All Feature With These Simple Steps:


Hack Samsung Smart TV
Hack Samsung Smart TV


# Step 1 -Turn on your TV and go the system setting from your TV remote.


# Step 2 -After reaching system setting go to the setup option. A pin will be required, enter a pin.


# Step 3 -After entering your pin you can now access forward steps.


# Step 4 -An option will appear to select your language for further settings. Select your language and proceed.


# Step 5 -Again an option will appear to select your country, select your country for further process.


samsung Smart tv secret menu

# Step 6 -An auto tuning option will then occurs, go to the channel type option and select digital.


# Step 7 -After selecting the auto tuning will proceed.


# Step 8 -If the tuning is complete go next. An option for another scanning will appear then select NO. Select next to proceed.





# Step 9 -An option for selecting location of internet service will appear.


# Step 10 -Choose your internet service location and select next to proceed.


# Step 11 -Select on the aerial option to continue.


# Step 12 -The next step will need a pass-code, provide a secure pass-code and select next.


# Step 13 -An update option will appear, and then select update now. It will take some time to update.


After updating an option will occur and need permission to turn off your smart TV. Press YES; it will take approximately 10 seconds to turn on the TV to apply the changes you have made.


How To Jailbreak A Smart Tv By installing  jailbreak XMBC/KODI.

How To Jailbreak A Smart
How To Jailbreak A Smart

kodi on samsung smart tv ( Jailbreak A Smart Tv ) 

Please Follow Instructions mentioned in this videos –  Hack Samsung Smart TV




# Step 1 -First of all install the CetusPlay from GooglePlay on your smart TV.


# Step 2 -For installation it will need your permission to proceed with the unknown sources. Tap OK to precede the installation with the unknown sources.


Samsung tv jailbreak


# Step 3 -For android TV you have to go to the playstore to install CetusPlay. Install CetusPlay from playstore.


# Step 4 -After installation turn to the CetusPlay and search for KODI.


# Step 5 -KODI will appear on the top of the list, just click to install KODI.

# Step 6 -After installation transfer the APK file to your TV.


# Step 7 -Using any file explorer, install the transferred APK file on your Samsung smart TV.


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Install android on Samsung smart tv



Hacking or jailbreaking your smart TV will provide you more channels to watch free of cost but these smart TV’s doesn’t have reliable security software to protect them from vulnerabilities.The smart TV provides user’s to explore it with the internet connectivity but the connectivity may also harm your private data.


Install Kodi on Samsung tv jailbreak


Smart TV’s doesn’t have enough security against cyber crime and internet attackers. Vulnerabilities through internet may harm your sensitive data, drive images, information or remote files.

Jail-breaking or rooting your smart TV may allow users to explore their device but this may harm user’s privacy.


# Second Method :-


Here is steps :-

– First you need to open Tv

– Download Code converter from here : https://bit.ly/SmartTVJailbreak

– After that you can watch most of channels free of cost like Hbo, cinemax, showtime, encore, tnt, tlc, bet, bravo, espn, nba, fox sports and many more….etc

– For more information about Code converter ..please refer below videos..


How to Hack Samsung Smart TV OR any other Smart Tv

For this first we need to understand few things about smart TV

Samsung smart tv jailbreak

Samsung – Smart TVs as sets that can run apps, have web browsing capability, smart search (meaning easy ways to locate content), and social media connectivity.


Samsung smart Tv Apps Hack


samsung smart tv apps hack


Here is video which guide how to run Samsung smart Tv Hacked Apps




Their future vision of Smart TV technology includes convergent model—content distributed across multiple device touch points. example, what if you could start watching a movie on your smartphone during your cab ride home from work but then could easily and seamlessly pick up where you left off on your larger screen the minute you arrive home.




The advance technology and innovations has made our life smarter. Every sector of technology even form robotics to the daily used gadgets are nowadays made with the advance innovations. Today I will mention some simple methods to jailbreak a smart TV.

A television that have built in feature to make a secure connection with the internet, use apps, and access the web browser will be called a smart TV. They can be easily connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access the web. Smart TVs are built with computer chips to behave like a computer these TVs are capable in juggling multiple screens, video processing and internet connection.

Samsung Smart Tv Apps List


Built with internal memory these smart TVs also do buffering and the processor is enough to deal with the graphics. These smart TVs can be controlled using the voice commands or by some apps of smartphones. ( samsung tv hacks secret menu )

To root or hack your Samsung smart TV it must have the required hardware and software for rooting. It must have built in armv7 processor with the needed firmware <=1018.0 that can be rooted with the Samygo tool. Required software are git, gcc-toolchain and Samsung 3.1.1 SDK.  smart tv xbmc

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Operating system of Samsung smart TV

Tizen operating system which is based on Linux Kernel used as the smart TV’s OS. This operating system is used in the vast range of devices and gadgets including smart TV, smartphone, tablet, PCs, wearable computing, smart printers, smart cameras and even smart home appliances. This operating system delivers extraordinary user experience with the devices in consistency. ( code converter Samsung smart tv )


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