Best Samsung Smart TV Apps-2018 UPDATE

Samsung Smart Tv Apps List

Samsung Smart TVs rely on the apps you install on them to give you the utility you demand from them. A Smart TV is only as smart as the apps you load them with, you know. So to get the most out of your investment, it is essential that you stay on top of what apps are the most popular.So, we decided we’re going to tell you about the Top Samsung Smart Tv Apps List . Read till the end to know how to use Android apps on the Smart TV even if they are not supported.

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Best Samsung Smart Tv Apps 2018 – Our Favorite Games & Apps

(Including 4K)

  • Viki Videos :-

Viki Videos app is one of best app for videos like TV shows, movies, music premium content in Ulta HD quality also you can translated into more than 150 languages.

– Korean dramas,
– Japanese anime,
– NBC Universal,
– Channel,
– A and E,
– Bravo
– Bio TV shows,

This one had to be here. The biggest benefit of an internet friendly TV is that it lets you access the most popular websites and services on the internet, including YouTube. Getting the YouTube app is effortless, and you need only tap the icon to unleash a world of entertainment that comes free (well, except for the internet cost). The typing to search takes some getting used to, but YouTube is really an essential to the Smart TV experience, be it for Samsung or some other brand.

  • Fashion Tv :-

Fashion Tv is the leading fashion channel in the world and you can watch all latest show free using this Fashion Tv app

  • Explore 3D:-

This apps allow you to watch amazing 3D content free of cost ranging from music videos, kids classic cartoons, documentaries, and movie / game trailers.

  • Digital Theatre:-



  • AirBirds :-

AirBirds is one of the most popular game for Samsung Smart TV.


The second obvious choice had to be Netflix, because it is so amazing at getting you your favorite TV shows, movies and award winning original content. To be frank, you do have the option of using the service by logging onto the website (hooray Smart TV!), but using the app is a different deal altogether. You do need a paid account, which is why people sing about Crackle since it is free. But at the end of the day, the cost for subscription comes out much lower than that of cable, while also getting you great original series and movies to watch.


I’m sure you’ve watched a lot of videos from TED. Their short lectures give profound perspectives and impressive information, and their topics cover everything under the sun. All those talks and lectures are available to access on their app meant for virtually all devices, and you can install the app on your Samsung Smart TV as well. Think of it as your smart TV’s Nat Geo channel; only, it is free and the information has much less jargon than a documentary on a science show on TV.

Direct Play lets you access your video and audio content with a single tap. Think of it as your Samsung Smart TV’s own MX Player, except it is much more visually appealing. The thumbnails display where you left off your video last time you were watching it, and it picks up effortless from that spot. It also brings to you the most popular content at the time you play the app, and that can help you catch up with what’s going on in the world, get the latest entertainment content and have something new and refreshing to watch virtually every time you turn on the TV. It’s really worth the effort.

  • Plex

The amazing feature in Smart TVs is their ability to sync across devices effortlessly. Plex is an app focussed on that ability, and it lets you stream music, photos as well as videos effortlessly on your big TV from any device you may have them on. If the content is in your personal library, it can be streamed instantaneously on your Samsung Smart TV with barely a tap of a button. It is paid, but totally worth every penny, and superior to all free apps with similar functions.

  • Accuweather

Accuweather is among the most precise and reliable weather forecasting services referred to popularly in present times. It is free and stays up to date, and you can even pay for access to Platinum features like push notifications for storm and bad weather alerts, a Radar that gets you weather information for North America and Europe (and hopefully in the future, other parts of the world as well) along with markers for alerts about bad weather in any of these locations.

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A lot of people find their Smart TVs unfamiliar and confusing to work on. Samsung’s Tizen does have its quirks. A lot of people therefore prefer to go with the preinstalled apps on their Smart TV, and use an Android TV box to get a more familiar interface on the TV to access.

Getting an Android Box costs you about $40, and you can get your TV to install and run apps in familiar settings. If you decide to get one, you can install ShowBox APK for movies or games like Plants vs Zombies. Playing them on the big screen is sure to be a treat.That’s it for our list of the best Samsung Smart TV Apps. Which ones would you suggest? I’d love to read your comments and try a few more apps out myself!

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