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Best Home Security System

Best home security system – If you’ve ever looked at upgrading your home security, or if you think that you need to build a new system from scratch, it’s somewhat expected that you’ll focus on hardware. You’ll want a good CCTV camera, you’ll want good and reliable motion sensors, and you’ll want everything to work well. However, things don’t really end there, because it goes a lot further than that.

Even though it’s the sensor and the resolution that will dictate how much detail the camera capture, for example, the software is also crucial. It’s something that you should absolutely consider when you’re building that security system.

So, why is the software so important? Well, there are a few reasons, and a few features that you should definitely check out, so let’s take a look at what you should pay attention to.




While some might argue the things we’ll discuss later on are more important, it’s actually notifications that are the primary reason why you should go for a smart system. With a conventional system, you do get the video the cameras recorded, you do get the PIN code your burglar used to unlock the smart lock, but you get them once you’re home. And when you’re home, the burglary already happened, and it’s too late.


Best Home Security System


The fact that your smart devices are connected to the internet and can send you real-time notifications if something is happening means that you’ll know, instantly, that something is happening. If someone is trying to open your front door, you’ll know immediately. If someone is snooping around your back yard, your camera will let you know. You’ll be able to turn on the live view, and if necessary, call the authorities to let them know something is happening.

This is why choosing a reputable software provider is important. Because you’ll know that notifications will arrive immediately, not with a delay, and you will be able to call the authorities with the press of a button. You should do your research, take a look at reviews, and generally have a good understanding of how various software providers use notifications to your advantage. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.


Cloud Storage

One of the major things that you’ll notice with big brands that offer home security products is that they all offer cloud storage. You no longer have to swap out memory cards and empty them when they fill up, and you no longer have to maintain a recording device with hard drives to watch after.


Best Home Security System



Cloud storage allows you to store your data on servers that the software provider will give you, and your home security solution should definitely have a good cloud storage option. You might think that you’ll access your data easier and quicker if you keep your own copies, but things are just as fast with cloud storage. The main difference is that someone physically stealing your camera’s memory card while they’re robbing your home won’t leave you without the footage now.

There are a lot of providers that give you different options. The main difference you’ll notice will be in how much data you can store, as well as the pricing. You’ll need to find the perfect combination of both, but make sure you have at least a week of footage and you’re able to access it at once if necessary.


Software Integration

When you take a look at the home security devices available today, there’s one thing they all have in common. Well, at least the good ones – it’s a Wi-Fi connection and an app that lets you control them. The software integration is all the rage now, and it’s something that you should pay attention to.

Best Home Security System



Good software integration means that you’ll get to control your hardware from wherever you are. It means the user experience will be excellent, you won’t find any problems, and you won’t have any reliability issues. This, however, is something that’s usually reserved for higher-end models, but it’s no secret that the budget ones are catching up as well.

One problem that we’re seeing when it comes to software integration is the fact that it’s difficult to find hardware from different brands that work together with each other. Most manufacturers have their own software, their own apps, and they tend to lock them down so they don’t play nice with products by other manufacturers. This is all bound to change because things are slowly but surely moving over to Zigbee, which is a universal standard. But until then, you’ll be wise to go for software that can control pretty much all the hardware devices you have in and around your home.

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