How To Hack Wifi On Android Phone without root

How To Hack Wifi On Android ? Most of people has android phone and  if they have found any wi-fi signal they try to hack or connect the Wi-Fi but Most of time these Wi-Fi is password protected So How to ” Hack Wifi password using android phone without root “?

Now days most of websites claim they will help you to crack password using Apps . But Be carefully before download such un trusted Android Apps.


How to hack Wifi password On Android Phone


The key to the hack is to get the user to download a malicious app. As you know, apps on the Android system are not vetted like the apps on Apple’s iOS, and as such, some malicious apps do appear in the Google Play Store.


So we have listed few tested Android Apps which help you to Hack wifi password


how to hack wifi on android
Hack wifi password using android phone without root
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# Method 1 – Using WPS Wireless Scanner APP

To Hack Wifi password using phone you simply have to own an android phone and an app called WPSPIN  follow this Methods To  Hack wireless networks around you.

 Please Note this method only work WPS enabled routers  WPS pin being enabled may not be possible to crack because of different factors like poor wifi signal, added security features in the routers.

How To Hack Wifi On Android


  • First you need to download Android app called WPSPIN you can download from Google play store 
  • Install the app
  • Open the app
  • The app will automatically scan for WPS enabled wireless networks
  • Click on the network that you want to crack
  • Note down the Eight digit pin
  • Open your laptop
  • Enter the 8 digit pin in place of password field
  • Now you have a cracked Wi-Fi. Enjoy!!



# Method 2 – Wifi Kill App :- 


Wi-Fi Kill :- This app also allow android user to hack wifi on there android mobile. this app has not available on Google play store so you have to download this app from there website.

wifi hacker app for android that really works


Step 1 – Wi-Fi Kill has two versions– WiFiKill V1.7 and WiFiKill V2.3.2.

Step 2 – Download Wi-Fi Kill app once this app installed on your mobile. this apps start to searching currently available Wi-Fi network

Step 3 – once this app searched available Wi-Fi network then this app list all available Wi-Fi network.

Step 4 – this apps has two main Functionalities – Grab and Kill.

Step 5 – Wi-Fi Kill Grab Functionality ” this feature scan available Wi-Fi devices info. like Manufacturer Name, device name, Mac Address, IP address, Up and Down speed.



# Method 3 – Osmino wifi app

The use of Osmino Wi-Fi app seems to be the best any easiest method when hacking into a Wi-Fi network. Actually, it doesn’t do any hacking but it serve as help to retrieve the already hacked password by someone else.

It also tracks down the location of such vulnerability and gets connected it’s network.
To download osmino Wi-Fi app, click here.


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# Method 4 – Kali Linux Nethunter Apps

The Kali NetHunter app allow user to test the security and integrity of Wi-Fi networks. This app allows you to easily configure complex configuration files through a local site interface.
Visit Official Site of Kali Linux Nethunter and follow all steps mentioned in website.


Note :-  IF Above Methods Not worked  then follow this Video Tutorial



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