How To Open Mbox File

How To Open Mbox File

How To Open Mbox File in Chrome Or how to open mbox file gmail  – If you are planning to have your own business in the future, it is important that you are able to communicate with clients and employees alike with ease.

This is why it is important for you find the tool that will allow you to easily send out emails in bulk without having too many hassles along the way.


How To Open Mbox File



how to open google takeout files
how to open google takeout files


  • Stept 1 :- Download Mbox File
How To Open Mbox File in Chrome
How To Open Mbox File in Chrome


how to open mbox file gmail 
how to open mbox file gmail


  • Stept 4  :-  open Mozilla Thunderbird & setup it. Click on skip this email & use existing email address.




  • Stept 5:- ENter your username & password


  • Stept 6  :- login to your email and allow to access to gmail account


  • Stept 7  :-   Now download firefox addon import export tools.



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  • Stept 8  :-


  • Stept 9  :- Now open Firefox and go to setting locate the below option


  • Stept 10  :-



  • Stept 11  :- Open your Mbox file

You are done and successfully open your mbox file.


  • Stept 12  :-


How to open google takeout files


What is MBOX?

Fortunately, there is a new type of e-mail technology known as MBOX.  This program will allow you to collect a group of various file formats and compile them into one e-mail string that could be downloaded and read through different browsers when necessary.

It was first used for the fifth edition of Unix.  This is a precursor to the Linux Operating System for modern computers.


How Does It Work?

MBOX works in such a way that it is able to store all e-mail files in connected plain text.  The recipient will have the emails as one single file that starts with four characters: “FROM” this would be followed by a space as illustrated below.



After this, the recipient will see the sender’s e-mail address and a UTC timestamp after another character line.



The protocols used for this e-mail exchange and storage program have never been formally defined by the RFC standardization mechanism.  These protocols had been left to the autonomy of each e-mail client.

This means that protocols for opening the files and e-mail strings may vary depending on the browser or extension that you may use for your business correspondence.


Available Browsers that Can Work with MBOX

Be that as it may, this program can still be used in conjunction with all the standard browsers available today as follows:

  • Google Chrome
  • Thunderbird/Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari


Other Program Formats Available

There also have been several formats produced using the MBOX template that provides a much more user friendly experience especially for those who are just beginning to discover the different methods of constructing a string e-mail file extraction for business.  Some of these similar formats are listed below.

  • MH Message Handling System
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Cyrus IMAP
  • Maildir Mailbox

The main difference between these new programs and the original is that they have a centralized database that is usually managed by the e-mail system itself and is not directly accessible to individual clients.


Steps to Take in Order to Open an MBOX File :- 

  • Now that you know some pertinent information about the MBOX program and how it works, we can now discuss some of the important steps to take in order to open a single MBOX file for future reference.
  • First, you have to make sure that you are able to find a compatible browser to work with before trying to open an MBOX file.  In this section, we will discuss how to open the file using Thunderbird as the main browser.
  • After this, you have to do a one-time transfer of all Google Mail messages through Google Takeout.  This particular application downloads all your import messages as an MBOX file.  After which, Thunderbird can be utilized to access all the messages and attachments within the MBOX file to be read or moved to another account.

If in case you are using a Mac, it would be advised to use Apple Mail instead of Thunderbird.


Additional Steps to Take

As mentioned earlier, you can also download Google messages as MBOX files through Google Takeout.  Here are some important steps to remember when doing this.

  • Go to the Google Takeout page and select none by clicking the tab.
  • After this, you can scroll down and look for of the word “Mail”.  Look for the gray X on the right and click it.
  • Now you would have to choose whether you would want to download only select messages or all the stored emails.  If you want to do the former, click All Mail and then tick Select Labels.  After this, you can now check all the labels and tags of the emails that he would want to download.
  • Then click on Next and Create Archive.  It is important to note that this archive file could also be saved and shared through Google Drive for easy accessibility.
  • A zipped file will be created and automatically sent to your computer via your own selected delivery method.  Always remember that the more e-mails you would want to download the more time it would take for the action to be completed.

It is also important to remember that you should not change the file type specified before creating an archive.

To learn more about using Google Takeout and MBOX, please do not hesitate to click this link.  It will direct you to the page itself and give you all the information that you need to setup Google Takeout on your own.

Additional Information

There are also available third party applications and extensions that could help convert your MBOX file into a downloadable folder that will contain all your email messages and attachments.

If you want to learn more about these extensions, go to the Mozilla website and download the Import/Export Tools for Thunderbird.

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