Tech Things Every Gamer Needs

Video games have been popular in our society since the invention of Pong, and that popularity has grown to incredible heights. Millions of people play them every day, often for hours a day. There are professional leagues now that can pay up to millions of dollars in rewards to the winners.


With such popularity, the need for better gaming equipment has grown too. People always want the best stuff for whatever they do. With video games, there are a few essential items that every tech fan needs. Some of these products affect their game performance, while some affect their comfort while playing.



We have compiled a list of the top tech gear every gamer needs so everyone can play at their highest level possible!

Gaming Chair

Every video gamer has spent hours binge playing a game at least once. Some people do it on a weekly basis. Having a basic chair can be terrible for your body when sitting in it for hours upon end, especially if it isn’t ergonomically designed.



Upgrade your video game throne by getting a top of the line gamer chair. Your back will thank you and your skills will undoubtedly improve. You can spend more time playing and be more comfortable while doing so. Some gamer chairs even vibrate to help massage your body when things start to hurt!

Gaming Headset

Multiplayer games have existed for quite some time now. Nearly every game on the market has a multiplayer feature on it. Whether you are playing with your friends or strangers online, you are going to need a way to communicate with them. A good gaming headset is key for any quality gamer.


You can set up strategies and tactics with your teammates, and you can also hear things more clearly with a good headset. Never miss another command or get snuck up on again by going out and purchasing a top tier gaming headset.

WiFi Repeater/Extender

Picture this scene. You are on a tear in Call of Duty and nobody can seem to end your killstreak. You are just about to earn the top reward for this incredible streak with one more kill. You bust out your sniper, have an enemy lined up and as soon as you pull the trigger, the WiFi cuts out and you disconnect from the game.


At that point, you only want to destroy your TV, but we all know that isn’t an option. Make sure this never happens again but purchasing a WiFi repeater or extender to go with your WiFi router. Leave no room for dead spots in your house or apartment. Never fear if you have more people over or roommates hogging the bandwidth by streaming Netflix again. Keep connected for not just your sake, but also your TV’s sake.

Air Canisters

What does an air canister have to do with video games? A lot actually. Not many people outside the gaming community realize how important and difficult it is to clean your keyboards and controllers without air canisters.


You need to keep your stuff clean because dust build-up can hinder your performance, but you can’t clean it with a damp rag because water and electronics just don’t mix. Continue to blow away the dust and your competition by always being stocked up on air canisters!

Portable Hard Drive

Sometimes gamers develop a certain attachment to their favorite games. Consoles and computers can only hold a certain amount of memory. With downloadable games growing in popularity, this brings the dilemma of which games to hold on your devices. Nobody wants to delete their favorite game as a child in order to make space for the newest game, and nobody wants to delete their character that they’ve spent hours on for the same reason.


Get yourself a large, portable, external hard drive and solve all these issues by backing up your favorites. Your favorite games will only be a USB plug-in away and your console or computer will continue to have plenty of storage on it for the newest things!

Cable Management Sleeve

Let’s be honest for a second, cables that are unorganized are really ugly. They get in the way, look terrible and can actually be very dangerous, especially for pets. Nobody wants their pet cat or dog to get caught on a wire and drag a monitor off of a desk. It could really hurt the animal if it hits them, not to mention the inevitable damage to the monitor that you now have to replace.

Keep your wires organized and save yourself the hassle and worry by getting a cable management sleeve. All your wires will be hidden and organized making your life much easier.

Final Thoughts on Tech Things Gamers Need

If you are a gamer yourself or are friends with one, I guarantee that you have thought about buying or heard a gamer talk about investing something on this list. Get yourself or your favorite gamer in your life something that they will not only use, but be really thankful and appreciative for.


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