Top 10 Advanced Tips For Deadside in 2021

Deadside seems pretty simple at first but you soon realize that the game is way too complicated than its counterparts. The base building is a major challenge and it also takes time to get used to the weapon system. Here we discuss their Deadside aimbot and the advanced tips that we are sure will help you master the game. 


The strategy of survival

The first thing that you need to play Deadside is to come up with a survival strategy. Being prepared well in advance lets you win. You need to work out if it is better to stay hidden or get aggressive and then start attacking the rivals based on your plan. Deadside is a realistic game and your character needs to eat and drink to live. This means that you cannot be hidden at all times but need to venture out to look for water and food and face the enemy. You can thus not benefit for long in the stealth option. Keeping these in mind you need to plan the attack by analyzing your style of playing.

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Be armed

Stay armed because the beginners’ weapons cannot help you a lot. You thus need better weapons to enter the battle and to increase your chances of survival. Carrying extra weapons help and to do so you need to work on extra storage. Your jeans pockets and backpacks are ideal to carry additional weapons. Weapons are spread through the map. Do not hesitate to sell the weaker ones to get hold of the stronger weapons, especially if there is limited storage.

 Exploring the Map

When you explore the map well you get access to better weapons and get acquainted with the Deadside ground. It lets you get an edge when you have to run away from the enemy or build a base.

Upgrade your gears

Completing missions and exploring the map should be your top priority. You can also upgrade the gears for free which is possible when you kill an opponent. This is also the place where you should put your aiming and shooting skills to test. The Deadside hacks let you shoot accurately letting you save your ammo while you defeat the enemy faster.

Secrets of healing

It is possible to heal your character with a bandage. If you do not want to spend money on buying a bandage then use a torn rag with liquor. Crafted bandages are affordable but you may want to use a healing bandage if your character is critical.

 The secrets of storage

The storage option lets you keep your loot safely in the containers and lockers available around the map. This is where you can store your supplies. Securing the storage spaces lets you stay worry-free about running low on supplies.

The secrets of looting

Deadside is all about looting and you need to know the best places to get hold of the valuable items. The towns around the map are where you can lay hands on the low-tier loots. When you see buildings and people know that loot is located close by.

Getting the best gear

Without a decent gear, your character is of no use in Deadside. NPCs have many weapons and gears. The military base is where you can lay hands on the topmost level gears but first, you will need some weapons to go past the NPCs.

Getting cash 

Accumulating money is important that lets you buy water, food, bandages, weapons, ammo, and a lot more. Weapons are priced heavily so save your money so that you can get hold of these supplies. Completing missions also lets you make money. The missions are marked as the red waypoint on your map.

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 Crafting Items

Make use of the crafting system which is similar to most of the other games. With some necessary items in the Hotbar, you can craft your item as shown in the menu. Open the inventory and then press on the crating tab located on the top left-hand side. This lets you gain access to the menu. You will be able to see all the craftable items here. Some items can be crafted only when you have crafted another item before it. It takes some time to craft which is why you should choose a safe location especially when you are low on your health. The time that you spend crafting is also when you are highly vulnerable to an attack.


Deadside is not an old game and the pros are working on different mechanics and secrets to help you play better. These are some advanced tried and tested tips to play Deadside that are sure to give you a leap in the game and play it with more self-confidence. So use these secrets and see how you get a lead over your rivals when you go dashing towards victory.

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