How to Choose User Friendly Mobile App Designs – UI/UX

How to Choose User Friendly Mobile App Designs – UI/UX

When it comes to Mobile Apps and friendly mobile apps at that, there is no app better known or more used than The App Store and Google Play. It has to be the most used app since almost all users use it to download all the apps on their smartphones. Now, do you see how smoothly the application works and how flawless its design is? It is colourful, yet not overly so. Entrancing its users but at the same time its design is very elegant and all that one may need is easily accessible. One does not need to pore over it like Pandora’s Box to figure it all out. If works smoothly and well from the get go.

How to Choose User Friendly Mobile App Designs – UI/UX

An app like that should be the primary goal of every single business owner out there who wants to make something of themselves in the business world, especially equating in the fact that a general consumer prefers that the company or business he or she is in touch with to be as mobile as the themselves are. This makes businesses with their very own mobile apps an edge over their competitors. But, the app that bears their company’s name and logo should be as good as the services they offer, otherwise their entire business can come crashing down right before their very eyes in t minus 20 seconds.

Now, the next question that rises is what makes a mobile app user friendly and worthy of all the attention? Well, a friendly mobile app design tends to revolve around two things basically – its UI and UX. UI stands for user interface while UX is used to refer to User Experience. Even though both these terms are used alternatively in similar context to refer to more or less the same thing, it is actually not so. UI deals with the navigation panels offered by the mobile app such as the buttons and the dropdown panels offered, UX deals with the overall impact and the experience of a common user, a novice per say, the first time he or she uses the app.

These two, when used in harmony with each other have the combined capability to create an application that will be preferred by your target audience and give your business the boost it needs.

How to Make UI and UX Work in Harmony with Each other?

As mentioned, UI and UX, if used in the right way, can take your business and your mobile app a long way. Yet, creating the perfect app is not as easy as you may think. Here are a few ways detailing what to watch out for when it comes to the creation of a user friendly Mobile Application.


  1. Sleek Design

A good mobile app is made from the combination of shrewd technical designing with aesthetically pleasing graphics. From the colours used to the typography of the entire app to the graphics involved to give it that very unique, eye catching effects, all of that and more makes for a brilliant mobile app with sleek and user friendly designs. These designs need to hail from a strong framework and need to adhere to the wireframes that meets both the objectives of your business and the needs of your customers.

  1. Attractive Interface

In lieu with the last factor, a good interface is key to a good mobile app and a good mobile app, if your business has one, is the key to success. Since there tends to be no room in the small screen of a mobile app to place all that you want in one single spot, the trick is to use the given space wisely in order to ensure customer satisfaction who, if you’re lucky, will enjoy the application and keep coming back for more.

  1. Represents The Brand

If you are in the business of selling beauty products for women your mobile app needs to scream so in the loudest voice. Like using pink and purple for a website selling beauty products and green and yellow for herbal products of all sorts. Use a colour palette that will tell your users all about your choices and your business in a single glance. It should be able to embody everything your business stands for and represent your brand and your business with its dazzling and eye catching designs and interface.

  1. Contains Engaging Content

Since a mobile app developer has to manage the expectations of its users within the constraints of a very small screen, he or she has no other choice but to be smart about the way the application features various elements that are required. Therefore, keep your sentences short and precise and at the same time thoroughly engaging enough in order to attract your target audience and keep them with you are long as you possibly can.

  1. Easy to Use and Navigate

A mobile app whose navigation panels are as difficult as making one’s way full of a labyrinth of twist and turns will never be able to fly with the general population of potential mobile app users because of the difficulty the user might face in the way of controlling the app. Unless the app is easy to use and even more easier to navigate, the target audience of your mobile app will never favour or use your application. Thus, if you want people to use your mobile application you need to makes the working of the app a pleasurable experience by simplifying its various navigation panels.

With thousands of apps online, the mobile app industry is growing every day with more and more apps being released every day. In order to stand out, a business needs to be accessible and at the very same time it needs to stand out from the crowd, which makes the aforementioned rules golden and by following them any business in the world can make their mobile app the most used mobile application in their field of work.


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