Best Podcast Apps for Android

Best Android Podcast App

Best android podcast app – Podcasts had seemed to lose their ground in the previous years. However, they are now making a comeback, and for good reason. In this era of the internet, what better way to gather information and let the experts talk about it to the people who care the most about the topics being discussed? Whether you are driving home, working out at the gym, or just doing some laundry over the weekend, podcasts can be a great way to catch up on your favorite stand-up comics, storytellers, the latest news and so much more.

Best android podcast app

Now, we may be here to discuss the best android podcast app in the market for Android users, and we will definitely discuss those because of course, that is what you are here for. However, before we get on with that it is important to clear out a few things. Number one, podcasts will need the apps to be downloaded on your preferred device. There are paid as well as free versions that work equally well, but like everything free these days, you will have to deal with ads.

Secondly, you will need a good internet connection to listen to these podcasts. A broadband connection is always preferable assuming that podcasts will not be the only thing you use the internet connection for. Cable internet is the most widely spread network and you will most probably find at least one cable internet provider in your area. These providers often provide bundled offers combining the internet with cable TV and telephone at discounted rates that would offer you great value for money.

If something of the sort interests you then we would recommend you check for the availability of Spectrum bundles in your area. Being the second-largest provider in the country there is a high chance your area is serviceable. However, if unfortunately, it’s not then you may be limited to the provider that covers your area. It will be a good idea to do your research before signing up because unlike Spectrum, most internet providers will bind you in contracts that result in early termination fees if you decide to end the contract before the term ends.

Now, moving on to the apps you can use to listen to the podcasts on your favorite topics. Best android podcast app, let’s get started with our list of apps that you can use to stream or download the podcasts that interest you.




Anchor is a free podcast making app. Yes, we said we were going to list out podcast listening apps, but what if you want to make your podcasts? You gotta know at least one great app you can use to record your ideas, don’t you? Anchor offers you unlimited hosting, letting you record and publish audio to platforms like Google Podcasts and iTunes.

You can also import audio files from other devices if you need to upload something you recorded somewhere else. It is a business focus model that tries to ensure you succeed and money so that Anchor makes money as a result. The app itself and the podcast hosting are both free and neither is it ad-based. Can you believe that? Worth a try isn’t it?



Frequently updated but one of the oldest podcast apps out there, Doggcatcher is compatible with Android Auto, Android Wear, and Chromecast. It boasts features like, playlist support, themes, variable playback speed, a huge podcasts library, and numerous other customization and automation features. It also has Material Design.

The only catch is that it costs you $2.99 one time. Although, it is completely ad-free and you wouldn’t need to pay for anything else.


Best Android Podcast App



Among the few free podcast apps, Castbox offers a massive collection of podcasts that have been gathered from various and reach over a million. The app supports language learning podcasts, Amazon Echo, Chromecast, etc. It also offers support for 70 languages and lets you sync multiple devices over the cloud.

The best part is that the free version includes everything and is ad-free too. There are in-app purchases but those are optional and do not affect your experience.


Google Podcasts

Anything internet related has to have Google included in it. It seems like something is amiss if Google has not been mentioned in a tech-related discussion. Even though Google Podcasts had a rough start, it has gained back its foot and works a lot better.

It is also the simplest among the three platforms that Google offers, namely Google Podcasts, Google Play Music (used for music streaming), and YouTube. This free app offers you standard features like playback speed controls and the option to skip silent sections.



Like things categorized and well organized? Well, this might be the app for you. Quite popular among podcast fans, Podbean offers good performance and podcasts that are organized by category.

With its audio effects, lock screen controls, Android Auto support, Amazon Alexa support, and Chromecast support, you can use this app no matter where you are. You can use it to listen, subscribe, stream, or download whatever you like. For a free app, it offers tons of podcasts.


Best Android Podcast App


Pocket Casts

One of the most popular podcast apps for Android devices. It is a premium app offered free of cost with an optional subscription. It offers such a wide variety of podcasts that any podcast you could want would be there in its library. Popular features include playback controls and cross-device syncing.


Podcast Addict

Another podcast app among the most popular ones, Podcast Addict is offered free as well. It provides a huge collection of podcasts, live streaming radio, audiobooks and so much more.

It supports Twitch, YouTube, SONOS, and Chromecast, and offers features like skip silence and playback speed controls. There is a catch with the free version though, i.e. it comes with ads. However, with a small one-time charge of $2.99 you can buy the pro version to get rid of pesky ads.


Final Thoughts

Everyone has a different taste in what they like to listen to on a regular basis. Best android podcast app, your podcast app needs to cater to that taste. Therefore, check out all the above-mentioned apps to find out which one suits you best.



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