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Kraken TV channels

Kraken TV is a Live TV app that allows you to watch tons of various TV channels from your Android based streaming device. The app lets you watch TV channels from different countries, such as the United States, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.


Top 10 Kraken Tv Channel List

Some Of Kraken TV’s Channels

What Is Kraken TV


  • US – 69 Popular TV Channels across the United States
  • Canada – 47 TV Channels
  • UK – 91 TV Channels
  • Italy – 31 TV Channels
  • France – 43 TV Channels
  • Australia – 25 TV Channels
  • Netherlands – 16 TV Channels
  • Germany – 48 TV Channels
  • Turkey – 55 TV Channels


Kraken TV is an application that offers a variety of TV channels from around the world. Some of the channels that may be available on Kraken TV include:

-Discovery Channel
-Fox News
-National Geographic
-Cartoon Network
-Disney Channel
-History Channel

Please note that the availability of these channels may vary depending on your location and the version of the Kraken TV application you are using.


“What channel is the Kraken game on today?”

The TV channel on which the Seattle Kraken game will be broadcasted today may vary depending on the team they are playing against and your location. Typically, the game schedule and TV listings can be found on the official website of the Seattle Kraken or by checking with your cable or satellite TV provider.

“Seattle Kraken TV schedule Root Sports”

Root Sports is one of the TV channels that broadcasts Seattle Kraken games. The Seattle Kraken TV schedule for Root Sports can be found on the official website of the channel or the Seattle Kraken team website. This schedule will provide you with the dates and times of the games that will be broadcasted on Root Sports.

“Watch Kraken game tonight”

If you want to watch the Seattle Kraken game tonight, there are several options available. You can tune in to the TV channel on which the game is being broadcasted, or you can use an online streaming service that offers live sports, such as NHL GameCenter Live or Sling TV. Some of these services may require a subscription or a one-time fee to access the content. Additionally, some streaming services may be subject to blackout restrictions, so it’s important to check the availability of the game in your region before subscribing.


This Live TV app stands out from similar applications for being extremely easy to use. You don’t need to download any extra documents or files. Once you’ve installed Kraken TV, just tap on the TV channel you wish to watch and it will start streaming very quickly.


What Is Kraken TV


Kraken TV has more than 2000 Live TV Channels free on your Android streaming device from around the world. This video streaming app came to revolutionize the way in which you enjoy television. Kraken TV is compatible with Android-powered devices. When you head to the app’s menu, it contains some direct movies to stream, such as Hollywood, web series, and many more.

Kraken TV Features


  • Easy to navigate – One of the best things about Kraken TV is that it’s far from complications as the app is very easy to navigate. You do not have to make any kind of account as you don’t have to login or sign up using the app. You only need to download the streaming, launch it and start watching the movie or TV show you want.


What Is Kraken TV


  • Channel filters – Kraken TV provides some filters where users can filter the TV channels that they want to stream. You can filter television channels by country & category. Wherein, it will be easy for you to look for the TV channels that you wish to watch.


  • Add favorites – This app allows users to add all the channels that they like to stream at one spot by adding them to their favorites. Users don’t have to search TV channels every time as all their favorite channels are arranged in one spot only.


  • Updates regularly – Kraken TV has regular updates that keep adding on some newest or latest features so that users will not be left behind.


  • HD streaming – The app lets you stream in full High Definition (HD) so that you will not have to worry about the video quality while you stream your most-liked movie or TV show. The Live TV app also allows you to adjust the quality of the video in accordance with the network connection. If your internet connection is good then you can watch content in full HD and if you have a low connection then you’ll watch videos accordingly.


Bookmark TV Channels


The Kraken app has an option to bookmark your TV channels. This app also does provide a premium section of television channels, including Kids’ channels, sports channels, documentaries, and many more.


Kraken TV Media Player


The default player of Kraken TV functions well most of the time and works without issues. However, if you find any problems with the app’s default player, you can choose external media players like VLC, The MxPlayer, and The Wuffy player.




What channels does it have?

  • Kraken TV provides tons of television channels for live streaming, it also offers movies, Wildlife & Science, sports, Kids, Religious, and many more.


What devices can the app be installed on?

  • You can install Kraken TV on numerous devices, such as the most well-known streaming device – Amazon Firestick. You can also download the app on other Android-powered streaming devices and more.


Can you stream Live TV on Kraken TV?

  • Yes, the app lets you stream Live TV channels


Does Kraken TV have a premium version?

  • It has no premium version.


Is Kraken TV Any Good?

  • It is a third-party streaming app that provides popular TV channels. You can stream your best-loved television shows live by utilizing the Kraken TV app and it is guaranteed that it’s worth trying out.


Pros and Cons



  • Mouse Toggle not required
  • Functions well with MX Player Pro
  • One-Click Play
  • Access to television channels from around the world
  • Fast Loading Time




  • The app does not allow you to keep track of the TV show schedule because it doesn’t have EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) and Trakt TV Support.


Kraken TV Alternatives


If Kraken TV crashes, you must always have a good back-up list of alternatives. Below are the following applications that are the best alternatives if you experience issues with Kraken TV. It is assumed that these apps are all functioning well with Amazon Firestick.

Kraken TV channels


  • Live NetTV
  • TV Tap Pro
  • Swift Streamz


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Kraken TV channels


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Unveiling the Wonders of Kraken TV

Streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume content. Kraken TV is one such platform that has gained popularity for its diverse range of channels and user-friendly interface. In this article, we will delve into what Kraken TV is and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use this streaming service effectively.

What is Kraken TV?

Kraken TV is an Android application that allows users to stream live television channels from around the world. With an extensive list of channels covering various genres such as news, sports, entertainment, and more, Kraken TV provides a convenient and cost-effective way for users to access their favorite content. It’s important to note that Kraken TV is not available on official app stores, so users need to download the APK file from reliable sources.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before downloading Kraken TV, you need to enable installation from unknown sources on your Android device. To do this, go to Settings, then Security, and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This allows you to install applications from sources other than the official app store.

What is Kraken TV?

Download the Kraken TV APK

After enabling unknown sources, you can download the Kraken TV APK from a reputable website. Make sure to choose a trustworthy source to avoid potential security risks. Once the APK is downloaded, locate the file on your device.

Install Kraken TV

Tap on the downloaded APK file to initiate the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Kraken TV on your device. This step may vary slightly depending on your device, but it typically involves confirming permissions and agreeing to terms and conditions.


Launch Kraken TV

Once the installation is complete, locate the Kraken TV app icon on your home screen or app drawer and open it. The app’s interface is intuitive, featuring a simple design that allows users to navigate easily.

Explore Channels and Content

Upon launching Kraken TV, you will be greeted with a list of available channels categorized by genre. Browse through the channels to find your favorite content, whether it’s live news, sports events, or entertainment shows. Kraken TV offers a wide array of channels from different countries, providing a global perspective on television content.

What is Kraken TV?

Customize Your Experience

Kraken TV allows users to customize their experience by creating a favorites list, setting reminders for upcoming shows, and exploring different genres. Take advantage of these features to enhance your viewing experience and make the most of what Kraken TV has to offer.



With the Kraken TV app, you can stream tons of different television channels from the comfort of your Android-powered streaming device. It lets you watch channels from various categories and regions. The Live TV app simply aggregates media links in a user-friendly interface.

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