Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

Parts needed to build a gaming PC – Welcome to our guide on computer parts for building your own PC! In this guide, we will outline what components you need in order to build your own gaming PC.

Building your own PC has many benefits compared to buying a pre-built model. For starters, you get to choose the components that go into your machine, ensuring that you get the perfect setup for your needs.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

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What Do You Need To Build A Gaming PC?



Memory (RAM)

Graphics card

Hard drive

Power supply




A motherboard is the central component of a computer, serving as the main circuit board. It holds all of the other components in place and provides them with power and communication. In order to build a PC, you will need a motherboard that is compatible with your chosen processor, memory, and graphics card.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

Motherboards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so be sure to choose one that will fit inside your chosen case. They also come with a range of features, so you’ll need to decide which ones are important to you. Some common features include built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and audio support.


Processor (CPU)

The processor, or CPU, is the most important component in a computer. It is responsible for performing all of the calculations and tasks that make your computer work. Choosing the right processor is therefore essential to building a PC that meets your needs.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

There are many different types of processors available, each with its own set of features and specifications. If you’re not sure which one to choose, consult a PC builder or retailer for advice. In general, faster processors will be more expensive, but they may also be necessary if you plan on using certain applications or games.


When choosing a processor, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

-Processor type (Intel or AMD)

-Socket type (the socket is the connection point on the motherboard where the processor sits)

-Number of cores (the number of processing units inside the processor)

-Clock speed (measured in GHz, this is how fast the processor can perform tasks)


Memory (RAM)

Memory (RAM) is another important factor to consider when choosing a PC. In general, the more RAM your PC has, the better it will perform. Most applications and games require a certain amount of RAM in order to run properly.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

There are two main types of RAM: DDR3 and DDR4. DDR3 is older and less expensive than DDR4, while DDR4 offers better performance and is becoming the standard type of RAM. If you’re not sure which type of RAM your PC uses, consult a PC builder or retailer for advice.


Graphics Card

A graphics card, also called a video card, is a necessary component for any PC that wants to display images on a screen. Graphics cards come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to work with specific types of displays. Some graphics cards are better than others at handling certain tasks, such as displaying high-resolution graphics or gaming.


Hard drive (HDD or SSD)

A hard drive, also called a hard disk drive (HDD), is a component of a PC that stores data. There are two types of hard drives: traditional hard drives, which use spinning disks to store data, and solid-state drives (SSDs), which use flash storage to store data.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

Which type of hard drive you choose depends on your needs. Traditional HDDs are cheaper than SSDs, but they’re not as fast and they tend to wear out over time. SSDs are more expensive than HDDs, but they’re faster and don’t wear out as quickly.


Power supply

A power supply unit (PSU) is a component of a PC that provides power to the other components. There are two types of power supplies: internal and external.

Internal power supplies are built into the case of the PC, while external power supplies are attached to the case via a cable. Internal power supplies are generally smaller and quieter than external ones, but they can’t be used with cases that don’t have a PSU mount.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

External power supplies come in two wattage options: standard and high-wattage. Standard-wattage PSUs are suitable for most PCs, but high-wattage PSUs are necessary for systems with multiple graphics cards or overclocked CPUs.

Choose the right power supply for your needs by considering the wattage rating, type, and size.


PC Case

A PC case is an enclosure that holds all of the components of a computer. It includes the power supply, motherboard mount, drive bays, and fan slots. There are a variety of different case sizes, shapes, and colors available on the market.

Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC

Cases can be made from plastic or metal, and some include built-in fans or lighting. When choosing a case, it is important to consider the size of the motherboard mount, the number and size of drive bays, and the number of fan slots.



Building a gaming PC requires several specific parts in order to achieve the best performance. The most important components are the CPU, motherboard, and graphics card. These three parts work together to create the gaming experience. Other important parts include the power supply, RAM, and storage. When choosing these parts, it is important to consider the wattage rating, type, and size.

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