How To Remove Personal Information From Internet Free

Remove Personal Information From Google Free

Remove Personal Information From Internet Free Or  how do you remove personal information from google ? There’s a multitude of reasons why you might want to remove your personal information from the internet. Some readers may ask why one would even want to do such a thing, or if this is even possible.

Here are the general steps you can take to remove your personal information from the internet for free:


  1. Identify the personal information that you want to remove: This can include your full name, email address, home address, phone number, social media profiles, and other identifying information.
  2. Conduct a search for your personal information: Use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to search for your personal information. You can also search for your information on social media platforms and people search websites.
  3. Make a list of websites that have your personal information: Once you have conducted your search, make a list of websites that have your personal information.
  4. Contact the website owners: Contact the owners of the websites that have your personal information and request that they remove it. Look for a contact form or email address on the website. Be polite and explain why you want the information removed.
  5. Use a removal service: There are several free removal services available online that can help you remove your personal information from various websites. Some of the popular ones include DeleteMe and
  6. Opt-out of data brokers: Data brokers are companies that collect and sell personal information. You can opt-out of data brokers by visiting their websites and following their instructions to remove your information.
  7. Check your privacy settings: Make sure that your privacy settings are set appropriately on social media platforms and other websites to limit the amount of personal information that is visible to the public.
  8. Monitor your online presence: Regularly monitor your online presence to ensure that your personal information is not being shared or made public without your consent.

How To Remove Personal Information From Internet Free

Note that removing personal information from the internet is a continuous process and may take some time. It’s important to be patient and persistent in your efforts to protect your privacy online.

Sometimes it comes down to something simple – you don’t want just anyone to be able to access information about by just typing your name into Google. It’s that easy to find information about almost anyone at the drop of a hat or a tap of the “Search” button.


Remove Personal Information From Internet Free
Remove Personal Information From Internet Free


You’re able to learn about people you don’t know, even if it’s a celebrity who you’re a fan of – where they grew up, who their parents are, when they were born, etc. If you think about it, the ease at which we’re able to do this is both fascinating and scary.



Remove Personal Information From Internet Free



How Do you remove personal information From google




Now, others may have darker histories that are associated with them which they’d prefer to be taken off the internet as it could hinder their daily lives in many spheres. On the other hand, you’d just prefer to get off the grid because you don’t believe that your personal information should be up for just anyone to access with such ease. Believe us, there are many who think the same way!


Should I Be Concerned That My Personal Info Is Available Online?

how do you remove personal information from google


Like we said, finding information on just about anyone is a simple task that can sometimes be done within seconds – even from a cell phone. This becomes a reality in the lives of many people when they’re being harassed or stalked. It’s emotionally taxing and can be life-threatening, too, so information associated with you being available online can be concerning in those cases.

When more detailed information about you can be accessed online, it makes you vulnerable to all kinds of fraud – identity theft being significant among them. Even SIM swaps can be performed in your name, without you having any clue what it’s going on.

Long story short, your personal data is personal and it’s dangerous on many levels when anyone is able to access it.


Data and Information Directories?

You may wonder why some websites, which function as information directories, can have all that information and no one stopped them from doing so. The reason is that keeping all this information is not illegal and neither is it unethical in a technical sense. All these websites do is collate details and information which is already publicly available.

This is why people who were previously convicted as criminals, for example, seek to remove a trace of their past lives, since it is part of publicly-accessible data. Other publicly available data includes marriage certificate records, land use records, and much more.


How Do I Remove My Information From People Finding Sites?


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These people finding sites make it easier for someone to find personal information about you, but there are ways to get rid of your information from public sites. It’s within your rights, although some sites make it easy to do so, and others make it a little more difficult. A service like Nuwber is one of those which makes the process simple, where opting out and removing your personal information from their directory is a painless process.

Other people finding websites have various ways in which to opt-out and remove your personal information from their databases. Find out which of these sites contains info about you on their databases – if they do, follow their opt-out process and you’re one step closer to getting off the grid.


Social Media and Shopping Accounts

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Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a good place to start because social media is usually the first place that people begin searching for you if they’d like to find out more about it. It’s a close tie between searching Facebook or Google first. Your social network accounts provide people with a lot of information about you – something which we don’t often ponder more deeply about every day. It’s really easy to see who your friends and loved ones are (your close social circle), what you get up to and where you go, through uploaded (or tagged) photos and check-ins.

Start with the obvious social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but make sure to deactivate your accounts on Reddit, Google+ and MySpace (you’ve probably even forgotten that you had an account there).

If you shop online often or have created any accounts on online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Wish, or, your personal information is stored on those accounts. That includes your address and other contact details.

If you’re having issues deactivating any of these accounts, change all your details on them, including your name and other information like your address.


Following these steps by beginning with removing your personal information that’s publicly available, followed by taking account of the sites on which you’ve created accounts is a great start. However, there might be some old forum posts or blog posts which you’re perhaps less than proud about. In such cases, you might have to directly contact the webmaster of those sites to have them removed. Remember, though, that private websites are not obligated to honor such a request. Some parts of the internet are forever!

Removing your personal information from the internet can be time-consuming, but will be worth it for your peace of mind.

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