How to track phone tracker remotely on your android phone?

Hoverwatch is a phone tracking app designed for Android Phones, Windows PC, and Mac Operating Systems.

It works as an individualized secret agent to monitor and record all your phone activities. Sometimes, it happens when some of your friend or coworker borrows your phone, you can let them use your mobile phone as you have a spy on your phone to track their activities.

It’s probably good news as your privacy is no longer compromised if you haven’t access to your Android phone.

Let’s take a deeper dive to unveil everything you need to know about this tracking app; first of all, I’ll crack why to use Howerwatch?


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    Monitor your phone activities

On the contrary world of privacy, everyone values his/her phone data and takes the personal security of their phones very seriously. And, you’re not an exception.


  1. Parental Control

As a parent, you’re always concerned about your children and keen to protect your children from misleading social media content like radicalization and pornography.

It is the best option to try this app to keep track of your children activities.

  1. Track your employees’ activities

The mobile tracker can help you to keep track of your employees’ activities i.e. how they are using organizational data within and outside the organization.

Distinct Features of Howerwatch

Here I’m going to showcase the key features of Howerwatch phone tracker that will appeal to you to go for this app among other tracking devices:

  • Stealth Mode 
  • Record calls 
  • Facebook Messenger Spy App
  • Phone internet History 


Stealth Mode 

Howerwatch has designed by keeping your concern in mind; anti-theft. If you have installed it on your android phone, it is virtually impossible to detect this tracking app with GPS (Global Positioning System) listeners.




It’s a prominent feature of this app that sets it apart from other app. It uses its advanced GPS chip for tracking. Isn’t it exciting?

It may trigger a sleeping spy inside you. The noticeable feature is that the app is invisible once installed on your Android phone.

You can track someone without being noticed. In another scenario, where you don’t want the tracking person to know your activities, it’s the best option.


Facebook Messenger Spy App

You can use this app to track all Facebook activities; messages, incoming audios, and videos. You might be wondering that I’m joking. It’s a reality at the distance of few clicks.

Record Calls 

Call recording is another distinct feature of this tracking application that makes it unique for its users. You can use this app to record calls on your Android device.

Track Phone Internet History

This spy app keeps track of all website information surfed via your phone. You can get to know which information your friends or coworkers are keen to know when they have access to your phone.

Additional Features

  • Track SMS
  • Audio tracking
  • Camera tracking
  • Track Phone location
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Snapchat spy app
  • Skype spy app
  • Telegram tracking
  •  Instagram Spy app
  • Calendar tracking
  • Save all the contacts
  • Track To-Do list
  • Track Sim Card Change
  • Track Android Screenshot


How to install Howerwatch on your Android phone? (h2)


Follow this step by step guide to install this app on your Android mobile:

Step 1. Visit the official website of Hoverwatch ( on your device.

Step 2. Sign up for free

Step 3. Enter your Email and Password

Step 4. Choose a subscription plan that suits your requirement.

Prepare your Android Phone for installation 

At this stage, your device is ready for tracking. You only need to follow some steps to install the tracking app on your target device:


Step 1. Once you have registered to, you’ll find a link here to download it.

Step 2. Open the Internet browser in your target device and paste the URL of the tracking app.

Step 3. Once the download has been completed, install the app and open it.

Once the installation has been completed, choose activities you wish to track and confirm permissions.

Pricing Policy

 You might be wondering if Howerwatch is free.

Unfortunately, Hoverwatch does not offer any free plan. But the app has full functionality available for 3 days after registration, which allows you to test the app and then make a purchase.

 Visit and select any price plan which suits you the best as per your requirements.

It offers three subscription plans; professional, personal, and business plan.


PlanPersonal PlanProfessional/Family PlanBusiness Plan
Devices1 Device5 Devices25 Devices
1 month$24,95$49,95$149,95
3 month$59,95$99,95$299,95
1 year$99,95$199,95$499,95



In the fast-growing market of tracking apps, you’re able enough to know that Howerwatch has a distinct edge over its competitors due to its unique features.

Take no time to install this tracking device, and enjoy the best of your privacy.

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