Top 6 Reasons Why iOS Still Beats Android

Should I get an iphone or android

Well, let me begin by saying that I love Android phones as it offers more customisation options, offer more apps, more widgets & multitasking options, expandable memory and more. But, when my friends or family members ask me Should i get an iphone or android , I recommend the iPhone without giving a second thought.

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The main reason that I support Apple over Android is not just the platform but the way both the software and hardware tend to complement each other is just phenomenal. In addition, iPhone also works smoothly with other Apple gadgets such as Mac, Apple Watch – there is an ecosystem element.

Top 6 reasons as for why iOS still beats Android


  • Safety

Nowadays, I think the security of the mobile phones has become a major issue across the world. This is where iOS proves to be a safer platform as compared to Android. Well, I would like to use the term ‘impregnable’ while describing the security of iOS. Walled garden App Store of Apple – where the apps are thoroughly examined before it is made available to the users. On the other hand, the security of Android can be compromised even with the help of an MMS message.


  • Reliability

You may believe that the latest builds of Android are dependable, but they cannot be matched with iOS 10. The operating system of iOS is quite reliable and strong as well. The best thing about iOS is that it is straightforward and it rarely crashes. On the other hand, Android users have complained that even though the platform is fast enough, it does crash quite often.

Top 6 Reasons Why iOS Still Beats Android


  • Easier App Switcher


We all know that our mobile phones are made to be used in portrait mode. This means that the screen remains much taller than it is wide. Apple has made the most of this vertical aspect ratio by offering the users an app switcher helping you scroll horizontally, so you are able to view your recently-used apps full-screen.

On Android, you get to view the recent apps list vertically. This means you get to view only a small portion of the app. This becomes bothersome when you consider that the apps in the list persist via a reboot, so it is not comfortable to locate the app you are actually looking for.

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  • More Apps

The number of apps Apple Store has is just staggering. But, having said that increasing number of people choose Apple, not because of the number of apps it offers but it is the quality of apps that matters the most. It has been found, that the app developers love to develop apps for iOS than Android. Now, this simply means that you will see more apps coming out for iOS as compared to Android devices.  Should i get an iphone or android ..After so many versions of Android, I still feel that Android marketplace still lacks some of my favourite apps.

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  • Easier To Use

I have both an iPhone and an Android-based smartphone, I have to admit that using an iPhone is quite easy, in spite of all the promises made by the Android phone makers to streamline their skins. Some people complain that iOS has that same look & feel in all their models, but I consider this as a plus point as it makes it easier to use. iOS is so easy to use that even a two-year-old kid can pick up an iPhone and can easily send a text message.

The Weather Underground

You don’t need to undergo any learning process to use iOS, in fact, everything seems so natural. Well, I own HTC Desire 530 and I have seen people struggling to unlock my phone. And when they finally manage to somehow unlock it, they only swipe to the right side in order to have a look at the varied home screens, they just don’t realise that there are some towards the left side as well, they only get to know when I tell them. It won’t be wrong to say that iOS has become a second nature to the people.


  • Medialatest iOS and OS X releases

As far as media is concerned, iOS takes away the cake. It is not only easy podcast, hassle-free video management, and superlative music application, it is also because of the iTunes store. I must say that the iPhone eco-system with iTunes is just awesome, I know some people think it as restrictive and seek more freedom. But, the fact is that with the biggest variety of TV shows, movies, podcasts, and music, it is easily the best out there and you can easily download to your device.  I really wish the same for Android. I wish to have a respectable video and music app with a proper way of syncing with the computer. May be we get to see in the near future, but for now, we can only have patience.

  • Able To Control Stuff In Your Home

HomeKit is a smart-home platform and it is slowly gaining popularity across the world. Gadget making companies have also geared up and have started to make new gizmos that comfortably works with it. HomeKit is a platform that will let you control the lighting systems of your home and various other appliances with iPhone or iPad. This year you may witness some HomeKit approved gadgets.

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