Can iPhones get viruses from websites – How to check & remove virus?

Can iPhones Get Viruses From Websites

You might have heard a lot about iPhones doing strange things, running slow or even getting hacked. And, many of the claims say that it’s because the device got infected with a virus. But do iPhone be really affected with viruses? Is that really possible?

To be honest, iPhones are amongst most secure devices around. Apple really takes some serious measures in order to make its mobile devices safe. It is very rare to see an iPhone infected with a virus or malware. Let’s get into the details of how secure your iPhone is and what you can do on your part for keeping it safe.


Can iPhone Get Virus From Websites


How Secure Are Today’s iPhones?

How To Remove Virus From Your iPhone

Can iPhone get infected with malware

It is really hard to argue that mobile operating system from Apple is not secure. In fact, it is securer than Android and other platforms around. Though it is not impregnable, but very few malware and viruses are written for iOS as compared to Android. And according to a report, only 0.7% of the total malware threats around are aimed at Apple’s iOS. The simple reason for such low percentage is that it is very hard to target iOS and breach its security.

Apple does quite a lot at the backend for ensuring safety of your iPhone. All the apps are run through serious security checks before being put on App Store. For instance, the messages that are sent through iMessages app are encrypted automatically. Some security checks are also performed when you download the apps as well.

With that being said, it is still very important to make sure that you take appropriate measures for keeping your device safe. No matter how robust a platform may be, there are still some vulnerabilities that can be exploited and you should plug the holes to keep yourself safe.

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How To Check If Your iPhone getting affected with Virus?

If despite all the precautions and resistance of your iPhone against viruses, a virus has managed to intrude then you should first need to establish that it is actually a virus that is causing problems in your device. So, how can you do that? Well, there are quite a few tell-tale signs that you can notice in your iPhone that is acting out. They tell you that your device is infected and you really need to do something to get rid of the virus that is hurting it. Let’s take a look at some common symptoms that tell your iPhone has got infected with a virus.

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  1. Data Usage

First thing that you might notice with an infected iPhone is the quick data depletion. The simple explanation for such data usage is that the virus might be trying to use internet and run different tasks in background. You can quickly run out of data due to this and if you don’t have some unlimited plan then it will simply cost you a lot.

  1. Crashing Apps

On infected iPhones, apps tend to crash too quickly and too easily. You may be playing your favorite game and then suddenly find out that it has crashed. Though it’s strange but it can happen. However, if that same thing is happening again and again then you should be watchful. Most of the viruses tend to tamper with the regular operations of your device and it is common for them to cause regular app crashes.

  1. Pop-ups

Sometimes websites show pop-up ads to their users but if you start getting lots of them on your device, particularly for apparently suspicious products and services, then it means you’re dealing with a virus here. Make sure you never click those ads because it will worsen the situation further.

  1. Unwanted Apps

Trojans always appear to be legitimate, just like other apps you may have on your device. So, if you find some familiar app on your device and you do not remember that you had downloaded that app then it means you have an infection on your iPhone. Just get rid of it.

  1. Battery Drain

No matter what kind of viruses you talk about, they’re bound to consume lots of power. So, battery drains are common. Viruses can cause the battery of your iPhone to exhaust earlier than expected and if it is happening regularly then it shows you have a virus on your device.

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What You Can Do For Keeping Your iPhone Safe From Viruses?

Well, there are quite a few things that you can try for keeping your iPhone safe from viruses. Let’s take a look at them.

can iphone get virus from websites
can iphone get virus from websites
  1. Regularly Update The iPhone Software

It’s the foremost thing that you should do for preventing viruses from breaching your iPhone’s security. Whenever a new software update is released, it plugs the loop holes in previous versions so that they could not be exploited in future. Any kind of cracks are fixed and malicious software can’t exploit any vulnerability whatsoever.

You can check for updates by going to Settings, then General and then tapping Software Update. Your device will check for updates automatically and if one is available you can tap on Download and install once asked.
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  1. Never Open Emails Or Links From Unknown Sources

Whenever you get some email, push notification or text message from an unknown source, just do not open it. Also, never click any kind of links whatsoever that may be contained in these messages. Any attachments or links can let viruses break into your device and you should keep them at bay.

how to remove virus from iphone

  1. Never Visit Unfamiliar Websites

Viruses often live on different less credible websites. Opening a page in Safari on your iPhone can trigger viruses and they can be downloaded to your device and create the havoc. So, the best thing you can do to avoid this is to visit sites for known organizations only. Make sure not to open any kind of search results which directly lead you to certain files. If some website prompts you to download a file, never do that.

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How To Remove Virus From Your iPhone?

How To Remove Virus From Your iPhone


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