Hack iphone passcode / Unlock Any Apple Iphone Passcode

Hack iphone passcode

Forgetting the password to your iPhone is a really an awful  In any case, there’s quite an easy solution to this without smashing your iPhone.

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Method 1 

P.s :- Make sure you have backup before you Restore your iPhone once you start Recovery Mode , there isn’t a way to save your device’s data. In Recovery Mode iPhone Deletes all of your data and settings.

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Restore your iPhone using Recovery Mode

Follow these steps to restore an iPad or iPhone from Recovery Mode:

– Make sure your device is charge at least 20 per cent

– Hold down the power Button until the screen says Slide To Power Off.

– Open iTunes.

– With the button still held down, plug the iPhone into the PC.

– Once you have finished above process, the iphone should power up in Recover Mode.

– iTunes start display a message ‘iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.


– Click OK and Restore and Update.

– Next steps iTunes will ask you to enter Apple ID and Password that was used to set up the device.

– IN next steps you will see there is two options

* Restore From This Backup to restore the device to its earlier state

* you can set it up as a fresh model by choosing Set Up As New iPhone.
– Once iTunes completed Recovery mode process then you can able to use iphone without passcode.

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P.S :- If you were using latest version iOS of iPhone then device will ask you to enter your Apple ID.

Method 2

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IN above Method we have Discuss how we can Bypass Iphone Passcode using Recovery Mode. In this post I am going to tell you simple way to Bypass Iphone Passcode Without Root.

To remove OR Deleting Passcode We need to download Installing a file explorer App.

– Install file explorer App to your iphone.

– Open file explorer > navigate > data/system

– IN data/system you will see there is few system files such as delete gesture.key , delete password.key ..etc

– So you have to find gesture.key file and delete that file.

– Once you’ve deleted the file then you have to safely reboot your iphone. If done correctly, your iphone. lock screen will be reset, allowing you access again.

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Method 3


Video Guide How to bypass ios lock screen

Apple Can Unlock iPhones, so here here is a guide Even if  you did not know the passcode? This Video tells you how to hack an iPhone’s passcode. This will open the contacts app from which you will be able to browse, edit, email any contact.



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