20 New iPhone X Features You Didn’t Know

iPhone X Features

The futuristic iPhone X has arrived, and it is a tech lovers dream gadget. This updated iPhone was created in order to commemorate the tenth year anniversary of iPhones in the world (“X” is the roman numeral for ten, so this phone is actually verbalized as the “iPhone ten”). What makes this special edition iPhone so special? Here are twenty iPhone X features you didn’t yet know about.


iPhone X Features

  1. OLED Screen

The iPhone X is the first iPhone to use an OLED Screen. Organic LED screens have already been used on other high end phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, and is known for producing a display with high contrast. OLED screens, for example, can produce a true black tone, where LED LCD technology produced a black tone that continues to emit light.

  1. All Screen Display

The iPhone X is different from other iPhone’s because the entire screen, except for one notch on the front, is used for display. The all screen display gives the user an edge-less experience, much like the bezel-less Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

  1. Dolby Vision and HDR10 Support

These features of the iPhone X create a display that has a high range of color values, and better contrast. People often use their devices to look at photographs, videos, movies, or television shows, and this feature will make the viewing experience more authentic.

  1. True Tone dynamic white balance adjustment

This feature of the phone’s display makes it so that the user will have a more comfortable experience when using the phone in varying kinds of lighting. People who often read on their phones will find this useful, because the True Tone technology takes some of the strain out of the experience, especially when trying to read in bright sunlight. The tech works by dynamically adjusting the white pixels on the screen in order to accommodate for different lighting situations, such as bright indoor lighting, dim lights, or working in direct sunlight.

  1. No Home Button

The new phone is very futuristic, and having no home button is one of the differences that really makes the phone feel very different to use. Instead of pressing the home button as many iPhone users are used to, with the iPhone X you can swipe your finger to get to the home screen.

  1. Face ID

Instead of keying in a pass code or using touch technology, the iPhone X operates on face recognition technology. This makes the iPhone a breeze to use, because your facial features will be instantly recognized using infrared sensors. In addition, the designers created a system which could not be easily hacked into, even if your phone is stolen and held up infront of your face. If the owner does not stare at the face recognition camera, the phone will not unlock. Genius!

  1. True Depth Camera System

The true depth camera system enables the face recognition technology to work. The iPhone X designers placed the true depth camera into the notch at the top of the display screen.

  1. Side Sleep/Wake Key Commands

A button on the side of the phone will now control some key features of the new iPhone, in a quick and easy manner. For example, when the user taps the sleep.wake button two times, Apple Pay is activated. Apple Pay is a service offered by Apple that integrates payment methods right into the iPhone service. This digital wallet service takes away the time and hassle of paying for things with less advanced payment methods, like manually putting in credit card information.

  1. Notched Top Display

The notch at the top of the iphone is a black bar that makes a space for the camera tech that gives the phone its face recognition capabilities.

  1. 12-Megapixel Dual-Lens Camera (Rear)

The camera on the rear of the phone combines two lenses: a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. This allows for better photography in several ways:

  • The camera can make a depth-map of the subject matter.
  • Using this map, the camera can add in portrait lighting.
  • The depth map can help users blur the background and make foreground images pop.
  • The dual-lens tech opens up many photo editing opportunities.

iPhone X Features You Didn't Know

Photography enthusiasts and experts as well as those just dipping their toes into the photography waters will enjoy exploring the new camera’s capabilities. The lighting alterations that the phone can make are not just overlaying a filter over the image that you capture, but rather learning about your subject matter through mapping and then applying lighting to the “3D” map that has been created.

  1. 7-Megapixel Camera (Front)

The camera in the front of the phone can take pictures using portrait mode, and also has many editing and photo enhancing add-ins.

  1. Cameras Use Natural Lighting Effect

One feature that many photography enthusiasts will enjoy is the Natural Lighting Effect mode on the camera. This setting brings the subject into clear, sharp focus. With this, a user can make situations that otherwise might not produce quality pictures into opportunities to take great shots.


  1. High Resolution Video Capabilities

We all know that high resolution is better than low resolution. The high resolution (4k) capabilities of the video programming in the iPhone X makes watching a video on your phone into a great experience. See detailed, sharp, realistic video instead of grainy or blurry footage.

  1. Better Slow Motion Video Capabilities

The slow motion video capabilities on the iPhone X have been enhanced, making video editing more fun than ever.

  1. Durable Glass Screen

Apple says that the screen of the special edition iPhone is made with glass that is more durable than any other iPhone yet created.

  1. Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

The frame and structure of the phone are made with surgical-grade steel, which helps to protect the phone from damage due to impact or compression.

  1. Wireless Charging Capabilities

The iPhone X will be able to charge on the new wireless charging tech that is soon to be revealed by Apple.

  1. Face ID Integrates With Apple pay

The phone combines face ID recognition with their digital wallet, Apple Pay, to make paying for things easier than ever.

  1. Facial Recognition Matches To Animojis

The true-depth camera also can analyze a persons facial expression and match it to an animal character expressing emotion. This takes the concept of emojis to a whole new level.

  1. A-11 Bionic Chip

The intelligence behind the iPhone X is operating with an A-11 Bionic Chip, which allows the phone to process a high amount of operations per second. This is why Apple says that the phone has the “smartest chip” of all of their smart phones.

The price tag of the phone is more than $1,0000 dollars, but those who enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology will find it well worth it. Advanced orders will be opening up on October 27th, and regular sales open up on November 3rd. Welcome to the future!

This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology

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