8 Best Apps for Ethical Hacking

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Whenever we hear the word “hack”, the first thing which comes to our mind is that someone has breached the law. In the past, a few of the techies used to hack into systems to retrieve information and misuse it. But, there has been a great amount of evolution over the years in the hacking systems. The law authorities were aware of felons hacking into systems, but now they can apply the same with a positive approach.


What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking is generally done when some snooper wants highly confidential information for their own purpose. Ethical hacking is completely different from the scenario we have known, it is used to find out the threats which we might face in the future by unlawful people. Ethical hackers are the people who do protect the systems from being hacked by the outsiders. They are well versed in surpassing all the security systems and find out the root cause of violation of the security systems. They have the expertise to eliminate the ways in which the outsider could get accessed to the secured systems of the network.



How Mobile Apps Help?

In today’s world, there is an app available for almost everything and hacking cannot go unnoticed. Tech gigs have developed apps, which can help us to do ethical hacking. The people in the present are having a forward thinking and want to learn things in a different way. Most of the people own a smartphone and it is filled with many apps. We will be able to download and install these hacking apps on our smartphones and learn the tactics of how to ethically hack the system on the go. We do not need to wait for a classroom session or a course to get to know how to hack morally?

Here is a list of best hacking apps, which we can use to hack systems to secure them from hackers

Kill Wi-Fi

It is considered to be one of the most famous hacker apps, in the field of ethical hacking. The app has the ability to disconnect any kind of wireless connection over the network we are presently using. Kill Wi-Fi is at its best when we are in a location, where we have access to an unsafe Wi-Fi connection. We can disconnect the unauthorized connection, to make sure that the security system of the network is not breached. The interface and usability of the tools are quite easy and interesting as well.


This app is specifically designed for a testing purpose, whether the security is strong or will it get an easy access by a hacker? We can specifically use this app, to check whether the network is having a strong security code. It is a perfect app for the IT network administrators, cyber crime investigators and ethical hackers as well. There are many different features in the app which we can try like traceroute, ping, MX records and much more. The app is presently available in beta version and it is expected to release the complete version soon.

Droid Pentest

Droid Pentest is an app which helps us to fetch the details of the Android apps in the network. We will be able to penetrate through all the apps and test them for not getting corrupted. This particular app helps us to keep our android apps safe and secure. In simple words, it is one of the best platforms for us to test our android apps for securing it from hacking and making an infiltration testing as well.


It has been specifically designed to analyze the security systems of the wireless networks. A specific feature of the app is that it captures the security of the social media network accounts as well. With the help of this feature, we can be aware of the fact that, our social media account is safe and secure and it is not accessible by the hackers.


dSploit is focused on the IT professionals and the tech gigs, specifically designed and developed for them. It provides an analysis and penetration suite for the professionals to work out. The app has the best advanced technologies and features which the techies can use seamlessly. The app works on Android which is rooted and helps to keep the systems secure.


We are aware of the fact that, the things which happen on the internet are split into sessions. Each of the network access and data transmission which is happening is in the form of session. If we find that our social media account is at risk, we need sniff through the network and later on connect the web sessions to be able to hack it.


It is a perfect app for those people who want to keep a close watch on their employees in their organizations. We track the actions which are happening in the devices which are connected through a network in the company. This will show us the details about everything which is been surfed in particular device. In simple words, we can monitor the staff from wherever we are and it will provide us accurate results.

Wi-Fi MAC Changer

This app has a great use, as we will be able to make our Wi-Fi network strong and secure. It is possible to make it nontraceable network and keep it safe and secure. There is a possibility in this app, that we can temporarily change the root MAC address so that the network stays safe. We can change the MAC address in 2 different ways, wherein one; the wireless connection settings wouldn’t get changed. The second way is by entering passwords for the apps which we are, which might affect the connection settings.

Final Thoughts

In the past, hacking used to be considered the hackers and people who are not law abiding. But, times have changed things and it is no more for the people to hack. Ethical hacking is here, to help everyone to keep their information safe and secure. Ethical hackers are the tech gigs who help us to keep everything in the right hands and preventing it from going into the wrong hands.  

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