Be your own musician: the best app for music lovers

In the age of constantly evolving technology, a modern musician is surrounded by “electronic assistants.” A tablet or an ordinary smartphone can contribute in many ways to the promotion and development of their own musical skills. You can learn new programs, customize your instrument or even compose your own compositions, by installing special programs on your device. We suggest you pay attention to the following useful mobile applications for musicians.



GarageBand is an application that has won the favor of many beginners and professional musicians. The convenience of GarageBand is that by installing it on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can get a mobile recording studio and create music, no matter where you are.

The application contains ready-made templates for creating hip-hop music, classical amplifiers and effect pedals, which can be tested in a pair with your own connected instrument, and more than 30 tracks for one recording. To help the novice musician there is an option Smart Instrument, which gives the game a professional sound. Touch Instrument will help with vocal recording. There is an attractive choice of several virtual drummers to create a unique rhythm section – up to 18 types of sound.

If for some reason you do not want to install the application on your smartphone, there are GarageBand alternatives for your devices.

Multi-Touch Keyboard will help in playing various musical instruments. The application is easily and quickly mastered by an intuitive interface and allows the author himself to handle the composition. As you master the application, you can immediately upload your records to known resources: SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube.

Guitar Tuna

An indispensable assistant for any modern string instrumentalist, this is a useful guitar tuner. The convenience of the application is in a large selection of tools for tuning in the pro mode for experienced instrumentalists, a special tuner for beginners, the built-in metronome, special exercises for studying chords.

With the help of Guitar Tuna, you can easily and very precisely adjust all types of guitars, mandolin, ukulele, viol, violin, banjo, cello, and most other strings. The application is very popular with musicians around the world. Its quality was largely implemented successfully by the development of professional guitarists themselves.

Real metronome

The most important aspect of professional sound is rhythm. That is why the application Real metronome is necessary for any musician. Its accuracy is maximum, the application itself has a clear and user-friendly interface, universally suitable for a smartphone and tablet. For the convenience of users, the Real Metronome contains special visual flashes and vibrations in order to make it easier to follow the rhythm and not deviate from it.

With this application, you can adjust the desired time, intervals in the range from 10 to 250 beats per minute, independently set any time signature. The sound design of the simplest application is very diverse and includes styles of digital, analog, drum, piano and metronome for cymbals.

Microphone pro

Microphone Pro will turn your smartphone or tablet into a real microphone for high-quality vocal recording, dubbing tracks for movies, interviews.

With the help of a special cable that is purchased separately, you can connect a speaker system device, a mixing console, and a home stereo to the headphone jack. The convenience of Microphone Pro is in the automatic adjustment and selection of the desired volume and balance. You can easily make very high-quality voice tracks for your compositions. The application interface is simple and clear, which is especially convenient for those who are just starting to try their hand at voice recording.


The EarBeater app is an excellent training and development of hearing on your own. A rich program for the daily development of new peaks solfeggio will help to significantly raise the level of your own musical ear.

At your disposal will be more than 200 individual exercises, covering different intervals, chords, and scales, the gradual complication of each lesson. You can train your musical ear in more than 200 individual exercises, covering intervals, chords, and scales. A convenient application can be considered as you can clearly see your success in classes thanks to the EarBeater progress scale and repeatedly listen to the correct answer in case of an error.

Undoubtedly, it is very cool that in our time you can be a musician, having only a smartphone at hand. And if you show perseverance and hard work to your favorite work, then we have no doubt that in the future you will become a cool musician or sound producer; and the best music-making apps on your smartphone will help you with this.

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