You can become an amazing developer- Simply download these mobile apps

You can become an amazing developer (Easy Version)

The digital era is filled with different technological innovations and development and it becomes mandatory for everyone to have some technical knowledge while working with the advancement gadgets.

Programming languages and coding tools are the popular feature that rules the digital world. Using the coding tools and programming languages a person can design several applications that are useful and productive to the mankind. It is used to help the developer feed the instructions and commands into the technical devices in the form of procedures and functions.

Want to be a technical geek

The mobile phones have become a must have device in the current scenario and with the development of these devices, the tech savvies are building different applications for various different purposes like productivity apps, utility apps, social networking apps, entertainment apps, gaming apps, news apps and lifestyle apps.

For this New Year, why not learn some technical skills and become a developer. Many people often think that the learning a programming language or coding is quite difficult, but learning these technical packages can be fun if they come across the efficient tools.

So, there is no need to spend extra bug and go to coaching classes, instead the mobile devices can be used to teach all the technical stuffs that is required to become a developer. There are special apps available on the market that is useful in learning the programming and coding knowledge

Android IDE

This is a learning app that helps in building the coding and developing different applications with an interactive user interface and the instructions are given in a step by step method to easily understand the concept.

The aspirant people who wish to rock the digital world can use the application to readily learn the nuances of designing an application, and this is an exclusive platform for building Android PhoneGap and Java applications using different languages like CSS, Java, JavaScript, C and C++ and the user interface can be written without the XML code. The AIDE application has plenty of features in the application smart code navigation, code completion, refactoring and real time checking. The compilation and running the program is a cake walk using the one click solution feature.

The other unique feature of the app is the support for the Git and it can directly checkout, edit push and commit the files. The app also adapts to the desktop platform with the famous IDEs like Android Studio and Eclipse. The Android IDE application is linked with the Dropbox for downloading and uploading the files from the cloud platform.


Those who are serious in learning the programming language can download the Codea application from the app store and start learning all the techniques of creating an application in the iOs platform. This application uses the Lua language, which is a sensibly language in the field of programming.

The developers who are interested in developing the gaming applications for the iOs devices generally choose this app to learn all the scripting techs. The app has a friendly interface that makes use of the features in the iPad devices like the camera, audio and graphics that are great for designing games, 2D and 3D graphics.


This is an application that can be used to develop integrated applications using the C and C++ languages and has the GCC complier for the android platform which allows the developers to compile, edit, code and execute the programs on the Android devices without any complication.

The users can data and files from the cloud storage through the integration of the app with the Dropbox, and can download and upload from the cloud platform. The application also has many different features like terminal emulation, real time diagnosis, auto indentation, auto updates, add on managers and tutorial navigators.

The app has various intuitive features and syntax highlights to enhance the configuration themes and productive coding.

Mobile C

The new developers can use the Mobile C app to learn the most popular programming languages, the C and C++. The app has different features to run on both the Android and iOs platforms, but it stands out for the other innovative feature- the integration of the OpenGL and SDL2 on the smartphones and tablets.

The main purpose of these libraries is that, they help the developers to use the graphical features so that they can draw 3D and 2D images. The developers can build gaming apps by following Mobile C; however they cannot design distributable game or application, but can write scripts on the application and build it for the desktop and laptops.

Mobile platforms and the limitations on

Though there are tutorials and other software available that can be viewed on the desktop and laptop, the mobile phones are the most intimate devices that are close to the user. So, the application owners and the marketers prefer to develop mobile applications to take their products to the consumers. However, the inputs and the screen size are of major concern when developing the applications for the mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.

The users will also have limitations in accessing the applications on the mobile phones and the users will have some technical issues in compiling and running these applications on the iOs and Android platforms. For example, the iOs platforms have some terms and conditions based on the security reasons, while the Android platform has limits on online and file access. The mobile applications that run the program have some technical limitations, where they will be unable to download from the online sources like internet- to protect the device from downloading virus or unauthorized contents.

The scripting on the smartphones allows the developer to adopt new iterative and rapid techniques, to easily test the programs.

Code and program management tool

When the developers are completely trained to create and designing applications, they will have several files in which they have made different changes and modifications, but they will have high time managing those files. So to easily manage multiple files and to keep track of the scripting, the developers can use SCM tools.

The SCM is the source code management has a significant role in the process of application development. When the developer is working on a particular project they will have bulky files and they have to manage those source files by using a rational tool called the SCM tool.

There are good SCM tools available in the mobile platform and the Git for Android and Working Copy for iOs are the standard tools. And these tools have some common feature like cloning from self hosted repositories of Git or other insignificant services.

These kinds of learning tools are of major demand, now and the future because of the booming technology and internet development. So, people who have an interest in coding and programming language can download these applications from the app store.

It is never too late to learn new things and this time, there is no need to seek help from others because the personal mobile device and the mobile application is enough to learn the scripting and programming language and create new apps. Though, there are several apps, the users have to choose the app that is useful for them by according to their requirements.

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